The Chelsea and Kensington Council Takes Action Against Illegal Vape Sales to Youths

ban illegal vape sales

At least two businesses in Chelsea & Kensington are having illegal vape sales to youths, and undercover trading standards officials have conducted “test purchasing” to expose this.

The local government is committed to eradicating unlawful vaping and the sale of cigarettes to minors.

A warning letter was sent to six retailers after the council recently disclosed that 3,000 illicit vapes valued at $24,000 had been confiscated from the Earl’s Court and Portobello neighborhoods.

The majority of the shipment was imported from the USA, which contains quantities and dosages that are prohibited by UK law.

However, the effort to sell to underage customers is what is most concerning.

Lead councilor for local economy and employment Josh Rendall stated: “These vapes are being created and sold to intentionally mislead people.

“They don’t belong in our borough, Concerning the marketing of these products to children, I have specific concerns.

“Our trading standards staff will keep working hard to safeguard consumers from non-compliant or deceptive items.”

A council official noted, “Several vapes have been styled to resemble well-known brands. We have conducted many “test purchases” in which a juvenile has bought underage vapes, even though there is no proof that the stores we visited frequently sell vapes to minors.

“The most recent operation took place last week when two stores sold minor vape products. Investigations into this are still underway.”

The spokesman for the company warned that if merchants are proven to have restocked with the illicit vapes from the USA, “we may consider formal action.” The courts decide what the appropriate fine amounts are.

Author: ayla

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