Nicotine Addiction in Women Possibly Fueled by Estrogen, Study Suggests

Nicotine Addiction


Estrogen may contribute to Nicotine Addiction in women, according to recently published research. Estrogen’s feedback loop may be why women who are exposed to less nicotine are more dependent than men.Sally Pauss, a doctoral student at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, led the study, which aimed to understand why women have a higher likelihood of developing a nicotine addiction and struggle more with quitting

 Nicotine Addiction


How to Reduce Nicotine Addiction in Women?


The study found that estrogen induces the expression of olfactomedins, proteins suppressed by nicotine in important brain regions related to addiction. The interactions between estrogen, nicotine, and olfactomedins may be targeted with therapies to help manage nicotine consumption.

According to Pauss, these findings have the potential to improve the health and well-being of women dealing with substance abuse issues. By further investigating how estrogen influences nicotine-seeking behavior through olfactomedins, researchers could develop drugs targeting these pathways to facilitate smoking cessation in women.

These groundbreaking findings will be presented at the upcoming Discover BMB conference in San Antonio, Texas, offering hope for more effective treatments for nicotine addiction among women.

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