OXBAR Magic Maze Pro — Your Next Vape Partner to Go With

User Rating: 8.5
  • A diverse range of 15 flavors to suit various preferences.
  • Adjustable wattage for a customizable vaping experience.
  • Large 10,000 puff capacity for extended use.
  • Informative screen display for battery and liquid levels.
  • Convenient airflow control slider.
  • Ergonomic square body with a protective plastic shell.
  • Type-C charging for quick power-ups.
  • Free lanyard for easy portability.
  • The 11-15 watt range may not satisfy those accustomed to a higher wattage or larger customization range.
  • Some flavors, like the Splash Bros Lemonade, fall slightly short of delivering an authentic taste
Function - 9
Quality and Design - 8
Ease of Use - 9
Performance - 8
Price - 9


1. Introduction

Dive into a new realm of vaping with the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro, the only disposable vape on the market that puts the power of adjustable wattage right at your fingertips. The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro doesn’t just lead the way – it’s in a league of its own, offering a customization level never before seen in the disposable arena.

OXBAR Magic Maze Pro

The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro is not just about personalization, though – with a remarkable capacity for 10,000 puffs, it’s built to last. Accompanied by even more features, including a battery and liquid level screen display, airflow control slider, and a generous 18 ml capacity, the Magic Maze Pro is an impressive disposable. Join us as we delve into the details of this new OXBAR vape and discover what sets it apart from the hundreds of other disposables on the market.

2. Flavor

The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro tantalizes the taste buds with a wide selection of 15 flavors – offering a match for every palate. Whether you prefer fruity, minty, or dessert-inspired notes, the Magic Maze Pro delivers a rich and fulfilling flavor profile.


The Magic Maze Pro flavor list includes Tiff Jewel Mint, Fruity Pebz, Watermelon Skittlz, Bubble Melon, Pink Burst Chew, Blue Razz, Strawberry Kiwi Ice, Splash Bros Lemonade, Blueberry Strawberry, Watermelon Remix Ice, Sakura Grape, Razz Pineapple, Rainbow Blast, Fruit Paradise, and Strawberry Watermelon.


As part of this review, we were able to take a closer look at the formulations of 5 of these flavors, which you can find below:

Watermelon Skittlz – This flavor takes a page from classic candy favorites, giving you a subtler watermelon taste that doesn’t dominate. What you’ll notice instead is a reminiscent flavor of chewy fruit candies, especially at the end of each exhale. It’s like unwrapping a piece of fruity, sugary goodness with every puff. 3/5

OXBAR Magic Maze ProBubble Melon – This blend masterfully marries the refreshing essence of watermelon with the nostalgic juiciness of bubblegum. It’s strikingly reminiscent of Hubba Bubba’s Watermelon gum, delivering that familiar, delectable punch. The watermelon introduces a burst of freshness, while the bubblegum infuses a succulent sweetness that entices you back for hit after satisfying hit. 4/5

OXBAR Magic Maze ProSplash Bros Lemonade – This flavor teeters on the brink of true lemonade essence but falls just shy, carrying a hint of an artificial undertone. The zesty lemon notes do lend a crisp edge, starting sharp on the inhale and smoothing out as you exhale. Its subdued sweetness makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer their juices less sugary. 2/5

OXBAR Magic Maze ProStrawberry Kiwi Ice –  This particular flavor stands as my top pick — it’s utterly scrumptious, a true mouthwatering delight. The lusciousness of ripe strawberries takes the forefront, beautifully balanced with a subtle tang from the kiwi. The cooling sensation is delicately understated, allowing the authentic and juicy notes of the fruit to shine brilliantly. 5/5

OXBAR Magic Maze Pro

Watermelon Remix Ice – Not exactly sure what it’s supposed to be remixing because the watermelon flavor is the only thing that’s coming through. Fortunately, the watermelon itself is authentically flavorful and delightfully natural on the tastebuds. Complemented by an intense chill factor, this blend offers a thoroughly refreshing vaping experience with each puff. 5/5


3. Design & Quality

The Magic Maze Pro has a square body and vibrant design. Each flavor has a two-tone color scheme. The vape itself has a 3D checker pattern and is encased in a protective clear plastic shell that promises durability. The offset duckbill-style mouthpiece is also molded from the plastic shell. Opposite the mouthpiece is the lanyard connector.

OXBAR Magic Maze ProThe front of the vape has the OXBAR branding with the flavor name and model name (Magic Maze). In the bottom right corner is a small black box dedicated to the screen. The screen displays both battery and e-liquid levels as a percentage. There is also a small black button. When this button is clicked, you can adjust the wattage of the disposable.

OXBAR Magic Maze Pro

On the bottom is the USB Type-C charging port and airflow slider.

3.1 Durability

Constructed with a focus on longevity, the Magic Maze Pro’s robust design is evident in its choice of materials and build quality. The protective plastic shell safeguards the device from the wear and tear of daily use. The shell may accumulate some scratches over the lifespan of the device, but the internals of the vape will be well protected.

3.2 Does the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro leak?

The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro addresses one of the most common concerns among vapers – leakage. With its well-contained design, the device provides a mess-free experience, keeping the 5% nicotine e-juice securely within the 18 ml capacity tank. No mess – no fuss.

OXBAR Magic Maze Pro3.3 Ergonomics

The Magic Maze Pro sports a broad rectangular shape that may be a handful for those with smaller grips, yet its design is thoughtful, with all edges rounded for a comfortable hold without any sharp corners to press into your palm. The inclusion of a lanyard is a considerate addition, keeping your vape conveniently close and providing a hands-free way to carry it with you throughout the day.

4. Battery and Charging

The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro is equipped with a 650 mAh battery, a common benchmark in the industry, striking an ideal compromise between compactness and endurance—crucial for managing its generous 18 mL tank capacity. Battery longevity will naturally vary based on individual usage patterns, yet on average, we observed that the device sustains around 8-10 hours of steady use.

OXBAR Magic Maze ProUsers can monitor their battery power with the small screen, so they aren’t caught in a low battery situation without a way to recharge. The Type-C charging offers quick and efficient powerups – getting users back to enjoying their vape in as little as 30 to 40 minutes.

5. Performance

The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro’s adjustable wattage and airflow control slider put the power of performance in the hands of the user. Whether you’re looking for a light draw or a more robust hit, the device’s 10,000 puff capacity offers an experience that lasts. By clicking the button below the screen, you can adjust the wattage between 11 and 15 watts. This is a relatively small range, but it represents a major advancement in the realm of disposables.

OXBAR Magic Maze ProThe 1.0-ohm resistance coil is optimized for a smooth and consistent output. The flavors are incredibly intense, and each hit tastes the same as the last. The Magic Maze Pro’s adjustable flow is set to a more restricted, As for the cloud volume, the constricted airflow options produce large voluminous clouds.

6. Price

You might expect that a 10,000 puff-capacity disposable with the luxury of adjustable wattage would come at a premium, but the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro emerges as an exceptionally wallet-friendly option in the vape market. We found it priced at :

$14.99 on Element Vape

$18.99 on General Vape.

$11.99  on VapeSpurcing( with discount code MMP10K).

 $9.88 on Eightvape ( with discount code OBMMP).

7. Verdict

The OXBAR Magic Maze Pro is a revolutionary offering in the disposable vape market, blending the convenience of disposables with the advanced feature of adjustable wattage – a first of its kind. With a puff capacity of 10,000 and a diverse flavor palette to suit any preference, it sets a high bar for versatility and longevity.

The thoughtful design, including a robust build, leak resistance, ergonomic shape, and added lanyard, complements its technical prowess.


On the performance front, the ability to tweak wattage and airflow offers a tailored vaping experience, whether one desires a light draw or dense clouds. The coil’s consistent output and flavor intensity are commendable. Additionally, the device’s battery life and rapid charging via USB-C add to its convenience.


Affordability is another strong point for the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro. At a price point that defies expectations for a device with such features, it stands as an accessible option for a wide range of users.


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