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OXVA Xlim C Review: New and Improved Xlim Pod System Great for Beginners

  • Ergonomic airflow control
  • Choose between RDTL and salt nic based on the coil you choose
  • Easily swap between three wattage modes (High, Medium, and Low)
  • Reusable pods outfitted with replaceable coils
  • Fantastic price
  • Sleek design in a range of alluring colors and patterns
  • Small 2mL means frequent refills
Design & Quality - 8
Function - 9
Vapor Performance - 8.5
Ease of Use - 9
Price - 9

We’ve already reviewed the amazing Xlim Pod and Xlim SQ kits by OXVA, and today we’re looking at another new launch on the quality Xlim line, the OXVA Xlim C. This new member is a refreshing variation of their popular line of pod systems. At first, the Xlim C appears to us much the same as the original Xlim Pod.

But as we dived deeper into the it, we noticed a couple of key differences between the two devices. For one, the Xlim C uses replaceable mesh coils rather than pre-built ones, meaning you don’t need to discard the entire cartridge when coils die. Additionally, this new model does away with the mini screen on the 1st-gen Xlim.

After days of testing, we’ve sorted through all the pros and cons of the OXVA Xlim C pod vape kit in the review. Read down further if you want to learn more about it!


Safety Lock
3-Level Output Adjustments
Button Firing
Power Display

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  • Device

Output Power: MAX 25W
Battery: 900mAh(Built-in)
Charging: Type-C/5V/2A
Material: Aluminium Alloy + PCTG
Size: 114.5*14*24mm
Weight: 40g

  • Pod Cartridge

Cartridge Capacity: 2ml/2ml(TPD)
Resistance Range: 0.45-3.0Ω
Mesh Coils: 0.6Ω/0.8Ω/1.2Ω KA1
Refill Type: Side Refill

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Author: My Vape Review

What's in the Kit?

1* XLIM C Device
1* XLIM C Cartridge 2ml
1* XLIM C Coil 0.6Ω
1* XLIM C Coil 0.8Ω
1* Type-C Cable
1* Lanyard
1* User Manual

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Author: My Vape Review

Design & Quality


OXVA Xlim C pod vape kit

You can get started using the OXVA Xlim C as soon as you install the coil of your choice into the cartridge and then fill up the 2 mL cartridge with e-juice. The e-juice is sold separately, so you’ll need to use some you already have on hand or purchase some online or from a local vape shop.


The OXVA Xlim C’s body design is very similar to that of the Xlim Pod. It’s a pen-shaped pod system with flattened sides and rounded edges. The vape has a shiny metallic finish that is available in 10 colorways:

Black, Gunmetal, Red, Gradient Blue, Blue Purple, Glossy Black Silver, Glossy Gold Silver, Glossy Green Silver, Green Camo, Black Camo

All options are beautiful in their own way, so you’re sure to find a color that suits you.

On the front of each Xlim C device are the brand logo and a textured button. The right side of the device sports the model name and the airflow control slider. With three airflow holes, you can easily adjust your device to your preferred MTL or RDTL experience. Slide the window close to restrict the air and deliver a tighter draw.

At the top of the body is the space for connecting the Xlim C cartridge. You’ll notice how deep this opening is, roughly 1-1.5 inches, so that the cartridge can sit securely within the device.

OXVA Xlim C pod vape kit (6)

The lanyard included is very interesting because there is nowhere to clip a traditional lanyard onto the device. Instead, the Xlim C lanyard has a silicon ring that you slide around the device. It’s held securely within this ring so you can carry the pod system hands-free around the house or at work without constantly losing it.

Xlim C Cartridge

The OXVA Xlim C and Xlim Pod utilize different pods, Xlim C cartridge and Xlim V2 cartridge respectively. This means they are not interchangeable.

The primary difference between the two cartridges is the coil as we mentioned above. The Xlim V2 cartridges are an all-in-one system. When the cotton in the coil starts burning, you must replace the entire cartridge.

With the Xlim C cartridge, you really only need one cartridge, although you may prefer to have a few on hand to easily swap out flavors. Instead of throwing it out, you’ll just remove the old mesh coil and replace it with a fresh coil.

Coils can be purchased in packs of 5 for $11.90at OXVA’s official store. You can choose three different resistances so you can enjoy different styles of vaping: 6ohm, 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm.

The OXVA Xlim C offers side port filling, so you are less likely to make a mess. Just open the silicon stopper and refill your pod ¾ full, and you are good to go. The refilling process shouldn’t take you more than a minute. You can monitor your e-juice level through the cartridge’s translucent black plastic, but it’s easier to tell the level by popping the pod out of the device.

Battery & Charging

OXVA Xlim C pod vape kit_battery

The OXVA Xlim C has an internal 900mAh battery designed to last roughly two days of consistent use. This means you won’t be chained to a charging cable if you decide to purchase the pod vape. Instead, you can go about your day worry-free while enjoying the vaping experience.

OXVA Xlim C has three light prompts for different battery levels so you can stay aware of how much charge your device has left. If the “X” on the button lights up green during inhale, the battery is between 65-100% charged. If the light is blue, it’s between 30-65%, and if it is red, you have less than 30% battery left.

The device is charged using the Type-C charging port located on the underside of the device. You’ll be impressed with the rapid charging capabilities of the Xlim C. You can charge up to 80% in 30 minutes and get a full charge in about 40 minutes.


OXVA Xlim C pod vape kit

The Xlim C is a very durable little device. The outer aluminum alloy shell is resistant to scratching, and the singular body component means nothing will chip or break off when dropped. It stood up well against drop testing to heights of 5 feet. The cartridge did not pop out, and there was no damage to the mod.

Does the OXVA Xlim C leak?

The OXVA Xlim C cartridges don’t leak! The silicon stopper located on the side of the pod is very secure. It’s so secure that it can be tricky to open sometimes, but this is a good thing in most cases. You can confidently carry the pod system throughout your day without worrying about e-juice getting on your fingers, clothes, or in your bag.


Just like the Xlim Pod device, the OXVA Xlim C is comfortable to hold and nestles into the palm of your hand. The button is perfectly placed so that when the bottom of the vape rests against your palm, your finger rests over the button. No hand contortions are needed to access the button on this device.

As for the mouthpiece, it starts the same width as the body before tapering slightly. This modified duckbill design is identical to the Xlim Pod vape. It feels great when vaping and allows your lips to comfortably seal around the mouthpiece.


OXVA Xlim C pod vape kit

To turn the OXVA Xlim C on or off, press the fire button rapidly five times. Once the device is powered on, you can either use the auto draw feature or press the fire button when inhaling.

You can also adjust the output wattage to 3 preset values via the button. Simply press the fire button 3 times to switch between low, medium and high power output. More importantly, the 3 preset wattages change when we plug different coils in; since the OXVA Xlim C is compatible with 3 mesh coils, there’re a total of 9 watt levels that we can choose from, making for real big versatility. Of course it’s not as customizable as typical mod vapes featuring a VW mode, but it has surpassed the capability of most devices of its size.

Check the full list of wattage options provided by the OXVA Xlim C:

  • 6ohm: 18W (Low), 20W (Medium), 22W (High)
  • 8ohm: 13W (Low), 15W (Medium), 17W (High)
  • 2ohm: 8W (Low), 10W (Medium), 12W (High)

When the device switches to Low, Medium, or High, the “X” will light up with the color Red, Green, and Blue, respectively.


OXVA Xlim C pod vape kit

The OXVA Xlim C offers a fantastic degree of control in your vaping experience without a confusing interface or complex series of gestures. With the three mesh coils available, you have a choice between a restricted direct-to-lung (RDTL) hit and a mouth-to-lung (MTL) hit. You can further refine your hit with the ergonomic airflow control slider.

The Xlim C system delivers fantastic RDTL and MTL hits. The MTL hit nice and throaty, while the RDTL is butter smooth. The vapor produced is thick and voluminous but stays cool. Every flavor tested with this device was delivered beautifully, full-bodied, and punchy without being overwhelming.

The coils last a lot longer than we thought for such a small coil, but you can easily refill the tank 6-12 times before noticing any flavor degradation or acrid burning taste. Undoubtedly, you’ll be refilling quite often because the cartridges only hold 2ml of e-juice. Just be careful not to overfill the cartridge, especially if using the High wattage mode, because you might get some spitback until the e-juice level in the tank lowers.

Ease of Use

This pod system is exceptionally easy to use and would be a great place for any beginner to start their vaping journey. You can start with the 1.2-ohm coil and salt nic e-juice for the most user-friendly MTL draw that is similar to traditional smoking. Once you are accustomed to vaping, you can try out freebase and the RDTL experience with a lower-resistance coil.

There are really only a few things you need to know to get started with the OXVA Xlim C:

  • How to install a coil
  • How to fill the tank and wait for the e-juice to soak the cotton
  • Press power button rapidly 5 times to turn on
  • Press power button rapidly 4 times to lock
  • Press power button rapidly 3 times to switch wattage mode between High, Medium, and Low


OXVA Xlim C pod vape kit

The Xlim C Kit is sold for $25.99 at OXVA official store and online stores like Sourcemore. This kit gets you started with 2 coils, 1 cartridge and the device. You can also opt to add a 5-pack of coils ($11.90) and a 2-pack of cartridges ($6.00) for a total price of $43.89. That will provide enough coils to last at least a few months.

When compared to the Xlim Pod Kit ($29.90), the Xlim C Kit seems to be a better value. Yes, you lose a tiny screen displaying the information about your puffs, but you gain the ability to freely swap coils and reuse the cartridges. The Xlim C is fairly priced considering its excellent design, ease of use, and fantastic flavor delivery.


The OXVA Xlim C offers a pleasing vaping experience with a nice variety of customizability that suits beginners and experienced vapers alike. The pods are designed well, and the magnets that hold them into the device are very strong, so you don’t have to worry about it popping out and flying across the room when dropped.

The button combinations for the OXVA Xlim C are easy to remember, so anyone can quickly pick up this device and feel comfortable. The device has a beautiful modern design that is available in a variety of colors. The high-quality coils deliver strong throat hits for the MTL coils and smooth hits for the RDTL coils. We think this newest pod system by OXVA will surely be a hit.

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