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Voopoo Drag H80S Pod Mod Review: Slim While Offering Strong Throat Hits

  • Intuitive and clear OLED screen
  • Fantastic pod design
  • No leaking
  • Innovative airflow control system
  • Great throat hits and dense clouds
  • 18650 battery comes with a learning curve
Function - 9
Quality and Design - 9
Ease of Use - 9
Performance - 8.5
Price - 9

Voopoo has improved upon the Argus X, creating the Voopoo Drag H80 S to be slimmer and more compact. The new launch is a pod mod complete with the same innovative airflow control system found in Voopoo’s Drag E60 we tested weeks before.

This latest Voopoo pod mod kit requires an external 18650 battery, which is sold separately. It comes with the all-new PNP II POD that holds 4-5 mL of e-juice and two mesh coils, the PNP-T30 (0.3-ohms) and the PNP-T15 (0.15-ohms), and has a sleek industrial design, available in six colors. The Voopoo Drag H80S can reach a max output of 80W. Continue reading to learn more about what this pod mod kit has to offer.

Voopoo Drag H80S Product Details


  • POD Parameters

Name: PnP POD II
Capacity: 4.5ml/2ml (TPD)
Material: PCTG
Coils: PnP-TW15 0.15Ω (55-70W)
PnP-TW30 0.3Ω (28-36W)

  • MOD Parameters

Name: DRAG H80S
Material: Zinc Alloy, Leather, Aluminium Alloy, PC
Output Power: 5-80W
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Resistance: 0.1-3Ω
Battery Capacity: Single 18650 (Excluding Battery)


GENE TT 2.0 Chipset
Dual In One Pnp Coils
Long-Lasting ECO Mode
Integrated Compact Desgin
Pod Airflow Adjustment
Easy Top filling
Magnetic Battery Cover

What’s in the Kit?

Drag H80S Device *1
4.5mL PnP Pod 2 *1
0.15ohm PnP-TW15 *1
0.3ohm PnP-TW30 *1
Type-C Cable *1
User Manual *1

Design & Quality


Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod_what's in the kit

The Voopoo Drag H80S is packaged in a slider box with a removable sleeve. Inside is a smaller accessories box containing two mesh coils (0.15-ohms and 0.30-ohms), a Type-C charging cable, and a User Manual. Once this box of accessories is removed, you will find the Voopoo pod mod securely nestled into molded plastic at the bottom of the box.


Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod_mod design
Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod_mod design 2
Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod_mod design 3
Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod_mod design 4


The Voopoo Drag H80S has the same general form factor as previous Drag models. The body is a cylinder shape with a rectangular section protruding from the front of the device, for the screen and buttons. This flat rectangular section contains the LED screen, fire button, plus and minus buttons, and Type-C charging port. The rounded side contains the magnetic battery cover that is easily removed to install or replace an 18650 lithium-ion battery.

The buttons have a nice concave design so your finger can rest comfortably.

Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod

The Voopoo Drag H80S design has a sleek industrial appearance. We received the Carbon Fiber color, but you can also purchase one of the other color variants:

  • Plum Red
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Golden


Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod_pod design

The refillable PNP II POD holds roughly 4-5 mL of e-juice, so you can vape for a few days before refilling. You will need to install one of the two provided coils (0.15ohm and 0.3ohm) into the bottom of the tank.

The pod provided by the Voopoo Drag H80S kit appears to be plastic. The mouthpiece is a cylindrical shape and is wide enough to offer a great flow of vapor.

The pod uses Voopoo’s innovative airflow design. Its bottom edge is scalloped so that three metal prongs slide into these cutouts when the pod has been seated in the device. This design helps keep the pod secure in the device and functions for airflow control. When you turn the pod, the pod moves the metal prong, which slides the airflow windows open and closed. It’s a novel approach to airflow control and works wonderfully.

When it’s time to fill the pod, unscrew the black mouthpiece to access two silicon fill ports. Insert the tip of your e-juice bottle into the fill port and add e-juice until the pod is about 2/3rds full. The mod has a solid magnetic ring that the pod’s three smaller magnets grab to keep the pod securely in the device.

Battery & Charging

Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod battery 1 scaled

The Voopoo Drag H80S does not come with an internal battery while running on a single 18650 one. Voopoo recommends a high-rate battery with a discharge current greater than or equal to 30A.

Your battery life with the latest Voopoo pod mod device will depend on the capacity of the 18650 battery you purchase. Ideally, you should purchase at least two batteries so you can charge one while you use the other one. The battery life (percentage) is displayed on the LED screen. ECO mode is especially useful, to extend the battery life when battery level gets low.

Does the Drag H80S leak?

Open-system vaping devices are challenging to design in a way that prevents leaking, but Voopoo has done a wonderful job with the Drag H80 S pod mod. No leaking was experienced during the review period thanks to the tight sealing, leaving no space for the e-juice to leak out the bottom.


The Voopoo Drag H80S is a rather slim device when considering the power it packs. Once a 18650 battery is installed, the device has a decent balance, but the screen side is slightly heavier than the backside. The Drag H80 S has a nice weight to it but is far from clunky or heavy enough to make it burdensome to carry throughout the day. The device’s size means it can still be tucked into a pocket or stored in a purse easily.

When it comes to holding the device, the rounded backside sits comfortably in your hand. It’s easy to wrap your entire hand around the device, so you can securely grip it while reaching the activation button. The barrel-shaped mouthpiece is wide enough to move the voluminous vapor into your lungs but is appropriately sized for comfort.


Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod_function 1
Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod _function 2


To turn the Voopoo Drag H80S on and off, you press the device’s larger top button in quick succession 5x. This same button is the primary activation button when you want to vape. There is no automatic draw sensor in the device.

To lock the device, simply press the power button and the plus button simultaneously. To enter the settings menu, press and hold the plus and minus buttons simultaneously.

There’re three modes you can choose from when using the Voopoo Drag H80S:

  • SMART– when a PNP coil is used, this mode detects the best power ranges to prevent the coil from burning
  • ECO – device enters a battery-saving mode
  • RBA– select a wattage anywhere between 5 and 60 watts

The OLED screen provides all of the need-to-know information in an organized format that is easy to understand. The menu screens are easy to navigate.


Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod_performance

The Voopoo Drag H80S offers a fantastic vaping experience thanks to the unique airway design. The hits are smooth, and the flavors are expertly extracted from the e-juice to form delicious thick vapor clouds.

The latest Voopoo pod mod was tested with the PNP T15 mesh coil with a 0.15-ohm resistance. Each hit was potent and warm without being harsh, even at the max of 80 watts. Cloud chasers will be especially fond of this device, with its voluminous luxurious clouds. The Drag H80S doesn’t leak anything to be desired with it’s top-tier design and performance.

Ease of Use

Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod_ease of use
Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod_ease of use 2


The Voopoo Drag H80S is suited for both vaping enthusiasts familiar with advanced features and less experienced vaping beginners. The device is easy to use and doesn’t require much pre-existing experience. Anyone can pick up the device and quickly familiarize themselves with the menus and features thanks to the helpful User Manual. The User Manual provides the information needed to navigate the device and learn how to use it properly for maximum enjoyment.

Voopoo has designed the Drag H80S for easy refilling of the pod. Once the e-juice level in the pod gets too low, the pod can be refilled by removing the mouthpiece in just a few minutes. The pods are excellently designed, so beginners won’t need to fuss over leaking e-juice as long as they install the coils properly.

The most challenging aspect of the Voopoo Drag H80S is the need for an external 18650 battery. Lithium-ion batteries are very safe as long as they are handled, charged, and stored properly. Beginners will need to take the time to learn about 18650 batteries and purchase at least one battery (two would be preferred for when one is charging) that is suitable for this device. It’s recommended that beginners consult a local retailer to learn how to safely store and charge their batteries.


  • Voopoo Drag H80S Pod Mod Kit:

$27.99 at Vapesourcing(on sale)

£22.59 at Vapesourcing UK (on sale)

The MSRP of Voopoo Drag H80S pod mod kit is $48.99, but you can expect to pay much less between $27-$40 to get your hands on it when some retailers are giving discounts. That would be fairly and competitively priced for such a high-quality device.


We’re very pleased with the Voopoo Drag H80S during the review period. We’re especially impressed with the pod design, with scalloped edges to hook into the opening and closing aperture for the airflow. The OLED screen is classy and crisp. And while external 18650 battery poses a bit of a learning curve, they offer more flexibility and a greater lifespan to the device compared to other pod mods.

The new Voopoo pod mod kit comes with two coils (0.15ohms and 0.3ohms). These high-quality coils and the unique airflow design deliver strong throat hits and very dense voluminous clouds. The tank is quite large, holding up to 5 mL of e-juice, so it’ll last most vapers 2-3 days before needing to refill. Voopoo Drag H80S is sure to be a hit among cloud chasers and vaping veterans, but it’s easy enough to use that even beginners can learn to handle this device.

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