Beginner-Level Vape Tricks to Do: Impress Your Friends!

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You’ve been vaping for a while and had the know-how to create huge clouds. For now, it’s time to discover some fresh new fun.

We know well enough about how happy it could be to breathe out big thick vapors. And we can assure you the happiness multiplies if you’re able to create various forms of vapors with amusing tricks.

This guide has put together a list of the most easy-to-master tricks for beginners. They’re not anything complicated but need practices indeed. To make sure you have bigger chance of succeeding in your attempts, practice these tricks with a mod vape. Now let’s learn the following four tricks  to impress people around you!


  • Find a super flat surface and a paper towel roll
  • Take a long hard drag
  • Keep your exhale slow enough
  • Scoop up the vapors

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Tornado is among the simplest vape tricks that you can quickly put fingers on. It doesn’t require sophisticated techniques but does need a couple of tools to get up and running. One is a flat surface. And the other is a paper towel roll, or a cardboard tube, or anything alike.

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Now it’s time to start off! You’ve got to take a long and hard drag to make sure you inhale a massive amount of clouds at first. The next step is to blow the vapors slowly through the tube onto the surface. Keep your exhale slow and even, especially if you’re new to this.

When the thick vapors have sat nicely on the surface, move your hands! Chop downward at the vapors vertically and lift up your arm at once. If you get everything right, the scooping-up would create a tornado-like effect with the vapors. Just note that no other wind, like an air conditioner, comes to interrupt your magic.

Check the video above


  • Use mouth hit instead of lung hit
  • Release your vapor in a solid form
  • Inhale back the vapor you just breathed out

vape trick ghosting

Basically if you’re someone new to smoking or vaping, a mouth hit might be a skill you can totally teach yourself. It means you let the vapor remain in your mouth without traveling to the lung. While the opposite is lung hit, which requires people to swallow vapors straight into the lung, to which a great many experienced vapers might be more accustomed. However, to do a perfect ghosting trick, the first takeaway is using a mouth hit instead. That would maximize the amount and density of the vapor you’ll release right away.

Next comes to the step of breathing out your vapor. In this phase, you want to exhale a “vapor ball” rather than a stream of vapor with no form as it is in regular vaping. There’s a knack to making it work: shaping your lips into an “O” first and pushing out the vapor with your tongue. You use the force of your tongue since it can keep the vapor undistorted.

At last, remember to inhale that ball of vapor back into your mouth. Now your lips need to maintain a little distance from the mouth. Hold this shape and open your mouth to a degree you like. How big you open your mouth will determine the speed of your sucking the vapor back. Generally, the bigger, the faster.

Check the video above

French Inhale

  • Hold thick vapors in your mouth
  • Push your lower lip out while releasing vapors
  • Breathe vapors in with nose

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This trick, also called “Irish Waterfall”, will make your vapors form something like a waterfall flowing upside down. The key to a successful French Inhale, much similar to the Ghost trick, is firstly holding adequate amounts of vapors within your mouth. In this sense, we’d recommend you to use a mouth hit as well. In addition, you can also move your tongue backwards after a drag, to prevent the captured vapors from running off when you don’t intend to let them.

Time for breathing the vapors out! Opening the mouth in a right manner is of importance. You need to extend the bottom lip and jaw a bit to help the vapors move in an upward motion through to your nostrils. When you inhale the vapors with your nose, you complete the trick.

Check the video above


  • Exhale vapors through your nose
  • Exhale vapors out of two ends of your lips
  • Do the two things above in the meantime

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Dragon is another self-explanatory trick which you’ll definitely get the hang of after some practices. I suppose it would work better if I break the tutorial into two small questions.

First, could you exhale vapors through your nose? If you cannot yet, try it out until you can. Move on to the next question: can you close the center of your mouth while leaving the corners at both ends open? That would make you look as if you’re really upset tho. Glad to hear that you’ve made it! Then let vapors out through the two corners.

When you’ve come to grips with them, you’re almost close to the end of the tutorial. All you have to do now is taking a long and deep drag, and combine what I said above together. Exhale through both your two nostrils and two ends of your lips. So you’ll get four separate streams of vapors on a single exhale, which might look like a dragon’s breath.

The only difficulty might be you have to empty out your lungs in the process to release all the vapors. But don’t exhale too hard, as the vapors released then won’t form clear lines but only clouds with no forms.

Check the video above


Practice makes perfect. You should bear in mind that it takes time to become really skilled at all the tricks. When you can complete all them above flawlessly, we’d like to say congratulations, you finish the level-up to an intermediate trick master! Keep learning and we’ll share more impressive trick in the future.

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