A Guide to Vaping: Device Maintenance Tips

Vaping: Device Maintenance Tips

With the rapid growth of vapes, comes the need to know how to maintain them. We’ve all seen those “amazingly clean” vaporizers on the Facebook page or Instagram account of a friend and wondered, “how did they get so clean?” Your average non-vaping person doesn’t have much in terms of knowledge about vaping devices so today’s blog post will discuss a Guide to vaping: Device Maintenance Tips

Device Upkeep

The most important thing you can do to ensure that your electronic cigarette is functioning properly is to replace any parts that have worn out or become damaged over time. The most common components that will need replacement are atomizer coils, batteries and cartridges.

Atomizer Coils

Atomizer coils are the part of an e-cigarette that heats up the liquid you use in your cartridge until it becomes vapor. When these coils wear out, they may fail to produce vapor or may produce lower quality vapor than before. This can happen due to metal fatigue from repeated heating and cooling cycles or from damage caused by leaking liquids. If this happens, it’s best to replace your atomizer coil immediately before it causes any damage to your battery or other components.

Check Battery Life

A battery with low power is a dead battery — no matter what else it does. If your device seems to be working fine but isn’t producing enough vapor, check the battery life. You can do this by connecting it to a charger and seeing how long it takes for the light to turn green (or red). That’s how much time your battery has left before it needs replacing. If you see that the light hasn’t turned green after 20 minutes, consider getting a new one or upgrading your e-liquid (more on that later).

Tank Maintenance

The tank holds e-liquid so that it can be vaporized for you when you inhale through your device’s mouthpiece. The tank consists of two parts: a glass tube and an atomizer head (also called an atomizer). The atomizer head contains an internal reservoir for holding e-liquid, which is connected to a top cap that sits on top of the glass tube when assembled together. The top cap holds onto the tube. You need to clean it in about two weeks after using.

Coil Change

The coil is the part of your tank that heats up when you vape. It consists of wicking material and a heating element (coil). You can clean your coils by unscrewing them from the base of your tank and wiping them with cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol. You should also make sure that your coils are not clogged with dust or other debris. If there is a buildup on your coils, try using an air duster or air compressor to remove it.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, vaping devices are built to last, so there is little need to be cleaning out your tank every week. However, you will experience more issues with batteries and coils, especially if you vape on a regular basis. The biggest and most effective tip for protecting your investment is to pick up a quality bottle of e-liquid from a vendor you trust.

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