Vape Battery Safety: 9 Most Important Advice You Should Know

vape battery safety

Maintaining a safe vaping experience requires appropriate practices of ensuring vape battery safety. The stronger cells used in electronic cigarettes, 18650, 20700, or 21700 batteries, draw a lot of criticism. Everybody has heard horror stories about vapes going off and hurting people. However, when handled and used properly, vape batteries are safe as much.

Why Vape Batteries Are Harder to Handle?

vape battery safety

The batteries that power vaping devices are made of the same lithium-ion material as those that power cell phones and computers. In almost any battery-powered product that has been released in the past couple of decades, lithium-ion batteries have been employed for a long time due to their safety and effectiveness. Why then do vape batteries receive such a bad rap?

It’s in their application, as you can see. Major electronics batteries are put through testing to make sure they can withstand the most rigorous demands the equipment can make. For example, mobile phone batteries are put through testing to make sure that they will never be able to supply more power than the device can handle.

Contrarily, vape batteries are utilized in a variety of gadgets with various amperage and coil resistances. As a result, the demands placed on a vape battery could potentially be greater than what the battery is capable of handling from one piece of equipment to the next. Explosions occur at this time, and the next day you will read about them in the news.

However, it is not necessary to panic; explosions can be completely avoided by treating and caring for your batteries appropriately. When you hear terrifying tales of batteries going off, user error is almost always to blame.

You won’t experience any issues if you observe this comprehensive guide to vape battery safety . Remember that you need to be well-versed in Ohm’s Law if you’re utilizing a mechanical mod.

#1 Maintain Maximum Amp Limits

When employing a mechanical mod, it’s crucial to stay under the battery’s maximum allowable amperage. Each battery has a maximum amperage it can safely provide before it becomes overstressed.

Always keep far within your battery’s maximum allowable amperage. Make sure you are not drawing more amps than the battery can sustain because the majority of batteries are just rated for 20 to 25A. If you’re working with a mechanical mod, see the basics about Ohm’s Law to figure out how many amps the setup will require from the battery.

Additionally, be wary of the amp limit indicated on the battery itself, as this is frequently exaggerated. To find realistic ratings, look at our list of the top batteries.

#2 Utilize Genuine Batteries

It is essential to use genuine vape batteries. Fake batteries are frequently just inferior, less effective batteries that have been rewrapped. Only purchase from trustworthy merchants such as the ones on this list of the finest online vape shops to make sure you’re getting a genuine battery. You can be certain that the batteries you purchase are true because these vape stores only sell genuine vape batteries.

#3 Examine Your Wraps

Your vape batteries could become dysfunctional if the battery coverings are damaged. Keep an eye out for damage to your battery wrappers, and replace them right once you detect any nicks or tears. Replacement battery wrappers are available online in the majority of local vape stores.

It’s simple to rewrap a battery. All you need is a hot air gun or hair dryer, along with your time. The majority of vape shops will assist you and complete the task if you aren’t able to execute it yourself. Always be sure to be polite and express gratitude!

#4 Avoid Bringing Loose Batteries with You

Batteries for vaping should never be carried loose in a purse or pocket. A short circuit could happen if the battery makes contact with something metal. The battery may vent, resulting in an explosion. To carry the batteries everywhere, get a battery case. In addition to keeping you safe, this will preserve the vape battery covers.

#5 Don’t Leave Batteries Charging Unattended

Despite the rarity, it is always safer to be secure than sorry. Battery chargers occasionally experience problems, just like any other electronic item. Keep your vape batteries from charging throughout the night or whilst you’re away from home. When you aren’t home, maintain a close eye on any batteries that are charging and keep them securely in your battery case.

#6 Employ a Dedicated Charger

Most vaporizers come with a charging connector, however, it doesn’t imply you should recharge the batteries in the mod. If you occasionally find yourself without a charger, such as when traveling, it’s acceptable to charge the batteries in a mod, but avoid doing it frequently.

Vape mods are designed to be used, not charged. The lifetime of a vape battery may be shortened by inconsistent battery charging caused by charging via your mod.

Using a specialized charger for vaping batteries is the most effective method for charging your vape battery. Such chargers, which are reasonably priced, are made exclusively to charge the batteries securely and consistently.

Your batteries’ lifespan will be extended by using a specialized charger, which will also guarantee that they charge securely.

#7 Replacing Outdated Batteries

Changing your batteries may be necessary if you’ve used the same ones for a long time. It could be time to purchase new batteries if you’ve noticed that you’re experiencing fewer vaping sessions than you are accustomed to or that they simply don’t retain a charge.

After some time, vape batteries start to lose their capacity to hold a charge and also start to become less steady. You can vape for prolonged periods and stay safer by ordering new batteries.

#8 Marry Batteries

They won’t require a formal ceremony, though. When you couple up two or more batteries for use together, you are said to be marrying the batteries. Instead of pairing two batteries that have previously been utilized in single-battery gadgets, you should buy two brand-new batteries for your dual-battery equipment.

As a result of having identical charging and discharge rates, batteries must always be paired. One battery may experience unnecessary stress when you combine different batteries since one battery might discharge more quickly compared to the other.

Only ever use batteries together after they have been paired. Never unpair linked batteries so that you can utilize them in single-battery gadgets before pairing them again.

#9 Avoid Temperatures That Are Too High or Too Low

Extremely cold or hot temperatures are not ideal for vape battery storage or operation. When storing batteries, remember to utilize a battery container and keep them out of direct sunlight as well as other warm environments. Additionally, avoid keeping the batteries in areas that become very cold, such as your garage or basement.

Vape batteries can deteriorate and can be damaged by extreme temperatures, making them dangerous to use.

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Final word

Knowing what should be done and what shouldn’t make it simple to vape safely. We sincerely hope that our collection of battery safety advice was useful to your needs and that you learned something new as a result. Take precautions, stay Informed, and keep vaping!

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