Introducing ONE USE Eco, the world’s first disposable electronic cigarette recycling system by AIRSCREAM UK

ONE USE Eco enters trial phase in New Zealand


May 11 – AIRSCREAM UK, a lifestyle brand with a mission to end tobacco harm, has developed the AirsPops ONE USE Eco, the world’s first electronic cigarette system built around modular design, reusability and recycling.

“AirsPops ONE USE Eco is a new ground-breaking design by AIRSCREAM that actively reuses the electronic components as part of our sustainability strategy and business model. Although functionally identical to existing disposable vapes, ONE USE Eco is a shift from an ingrained throwaway culture towards reusability without sacrificing the convenience and ease that disposables provide.” said Sam O, Co-Founder & CEO at AIRSCREAM GROUP.

ONE USE EcoA change to throwaway culture in vaping is desperately needed

Disposable e-cigarette is the popular quit tool for cigarette users due to its convenience and ease of use nature. However, unlike other vape devices which can be recharged and refilled for multiple use, its disposable nature is said to have contributed to an electronic waste crisis. In 2022, disposable vapes were estimated at a market value of USD$6.34 billion. This potentially means hundreds of millions of used devices could end up in landfills to contaminate soil and water sources around the world.

Discarding, or worse, incinerating these components is grossly wasteful as battery prices continue to soar to meet rising global demand. At the same time, recycling the existing disposable designs are difficult without damaging their internal components.

Knowing that the limitation and challenges in the disposable e-cigarettes landscape, AIRSCREAM is here to rewrite the chapter on disposable e-cigarettes.

The technology behind ONE USE Eco

ONE USE Eco components are designed to be modular and easy to dismantle, clean and reuse. Using the integrated Charging Shelf, each shelf can charge up to 500 batteries simultaneously per hour. The shelf also monitors each battery’s health so damaged or worn batteries can be removed from the pool of recycled components.

Once the electronic modules are recharged, refitted and inspected for hygiene and safety, they are ready to re-enter the market. Parts which are not reused can otherwise be turned into plastic pellets. ONE USE Eco’s shell is itself made from recycled plastic.

Modular, interchangeable components also mean ONE USE Eco can be upgraded as necessary without requiring a complete redesign. This also means its development doesn’t stop at launch but will continuously undergo refinements to better accommodate user feedback and technological advancements.

Award-winning design where form meets function

ONE USE Eco inherits AIRSCREAM’s design philosophy of combining minimalist aesthetics with uncompromising user experience. It gained international recognition for its innovation and potential for catalysing social change. ONE Use Eco bagged the Red Dot Product Design Award 2023, making it AIRSCREAM UK’s second Red Dot award in three years. Adding another feather to its cap, ONE USE Eco aced the French Design Award 2023 as the Gold Award winner.

‘Providing solutions and raising environmental awareness through sustainable products and systems is AIRSCREAM’s corporate responsibility. We can use design to integrate simple but innovative solutions into products to make real change without disrupting user experiencing while also cultivating good habits,’ said Alan Tseng, ONE USE Eco’s designer.


Maintaining the consumer experience while catalysing social awareness and change

ONE USE Eco maintains the form factor and simplicity of a disposable vape to retain user familiarity. This is to ensure minimal disruption of users’ vaping habits apart from not throwing depleted devices into the trash. Instead, users return them for recycling and receive perks such as discounts on subsequent purchases. This return stage is critical in ONE USE Eco’s operational model.

ONE USE Eco is currently undergoing trial runs in New Zealand and receiving positive feedback from users. New Zealand was chosen as a test market because of its inherent natural beauty and the population’s civic pride in keeping its landscape pristine and clean. This makes the transition towards ONE USE Eco’s business model feasible and seamless for end users, retailers and recycling providers alike.

AirsPops ONE USE Eco’s official launch is targeted for the second half of 2023.

Technical Specifications

Battery capacity: 550mah

Coil Resistance: 1.5 ohms

E-liquid capacity: 3ml

Working voltage: 3.7 V

Dimensions: 118mm * 20.5mm

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