Affordable E-Rig Alert – The Yocan Pillar’s Sleek Design Meets TGT Coil Innovation

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The Yocan Pillar e-rig emerges as a beacon of hope for those who yearn for quality without burning a hole in their pocket. With most e-rigs in the market demanding a premium, Pillar's competitive pricing is a breath of fresh air. But affordability isn't its only strength.
  • Very affordable compared to other e-rigs in the market
  • TGT Coil Technology ensures flavorful and potent hits
  • Robust 1400 mAh battery for extended usage
  • Adjustable voltage levels for customization
  • Elegant and functional design
  • User-friendly with intuitive button activations
  • Glas bubbler has strong magnetic connection to base
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and ease
  • Lacks temperature regulation features
  • TGT Quad coil can be challenging to clean
  • Frequent coil replacements might be needed
  • Battery charging speed is not the fastest
Function - 8
Quality and Design - 9
Ease of Use - 8
Performance - 8
Price - 9
Yocan Pillar


1. Introduction

E-rigs usually come with a hefty price tag, ranging from $200 to $400. This is a significant investment that often keeps consumers from taking the plunge into e-rig purchases. But Yocan has introduced a game-changer with its new model – the Yocan Pillar. The Pillar offers a more wallet-friendly alternative without compromising on quality.

This rig stands out with its exclusive TGT coil technology, ensuring each hit is flavorful and potent. Powered by a 1400 mAh battery and featuring three adjustable voltage levels, the Pillar blends simplicity, efficiency, and elegance in one super sleek e-rig. Continue reading to dive into our review of Yocan’s newest rig!

Yocan Pillar

2. Design & Quality

2.1 Packaging 

The Yocan Pillar kit comes with the following components


  • 1 x Pillar Devoice (Coil Adapter Installed)
  • 1 x TGT Quad Coil
  • 1 x TGT Coil
  • 1 x Pick Tool
  • 1 x Glass Tube
  • 1 x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1x Instruction Manual


2.2 Body Design


The Pillar e-rig elegantly combines three core components – the coil, a sophisticated glass water bubbler, and a robust battery with three adjustable voltage settings.

Yocan Pillar

Starting with the coil, you’re presented with two distinct choices. The TGT coil boasts a unique design – we’ll call it a starburst for simplicity – that sticks out above its base. In contrast, the TGT Quad coil features four visible coils encircling this ‘starburst’ centerpiece. Whichever you opt for, the coil is screwed into the center of the battery base.

The battery itself is a cylindrical base made with zinc alloy and covered with a shiny, slightly metallic paint. The Pillar is available in Pearl White, Pearl Black, Pearl Orange, Pearl Teal, and Peal Green – which is the color of the base. Upon first picking up the battery, you instantly feel the weight and durability behind the construction.

A generously sized airflow slider on the backside offers smooth adjustments to achieve your ideal airflow. The front is adorned with a sleek, elongated oval display, complemented by a tactile circular activation button. Nestled just beneath is the USB charging port and the Pillar branding embossed onto the body.


Completing this e-rig is the glass water bubbler cylinder, standing tall (116 mm or 4.5 in) at nearly double the battery’s height (67mm or 2.6in). This tube is aesthetically pleasing with its rolled glass lip and has the expected dual chambers –  the water chamber and the smoke/vapor chamber.  

2.4 Battery & Charging

The Yocan Pillar has a 1400 mAh rechargeable battery. The battery can be adjusted to one of three voltages – 3.2V (1 light), 3.7V (2 lights), and 4.2V (3 lights) – by pressing the power button 3 times in quick succession. Choosing a higher voltage reduces how long it takes to heat up the atomizer. 

Yocan Pillar

The battery has a safety feature to prevent overheating. Once the Pillar has been heating continuously for 30 seconds, a white light will flash 10 times, and the battery will turn off. 


The Pillar will alter to a low battery by flashing a red light 10 times. The battery can be recharged in about 2 hours with a USB Type C cable. A red indicator light blinks when plugged in but disappears once the battery is fully charged. This is not a super-fast recharging speed, but a single charge should last for 20 to 25 sessions. 

2.5 Durability

E-rigs are expensive investments, so it’s important to choose an option that is going to last and won’t break easily. Of course, any glass piece is susceptible to breaking – but the Yocan Pillar is artfully designed to try to prevent that situation. 

Yocan Pillar

The glass bubbler has a magnetic ring around it at the bottom. This magnet is very strong and inserts into the magnetic battery base creating a solid connection between the two. The Pillar is unlikely to tip over from an accidental bump unless you are especially clumsy because the center balance is held so low by the heavy battery. This helps the e-rig tetter back and forth until coming to a safe rest. If the Pillar does tip over, the water will spill, but the glass won’t disconnect and go bounce away where it might break. 

2.7 Ergonomics

With a cylindrical body and glass shape, the Pillar is the perfect shape to get a firm yet comfortable grip when dabbing concentrate. The activation button is placed perfectly to start the heating process, adjust voltage, or turn off the device while using the Yocan Pillar. And the airflow slider on the backside sits right where the pointer finger rests – making it easy for quick adjustments in the middle of a draw. 

Yocan PillarThe rolled glass mouthpiece makes for a comfortable place to rest your face during hits. And while the e-rig has a satisfying heft, it’s plenty light enough to hold when using or place on a table and lean over to use. The option is there.  

3. Function

The Pillar is turned on by clicking the power button 5 times within 2 seconds. A single white light will blink 5 times. 


To start a session, remove the glass bubbler and add your concentrate to the coil compartment. Replace the bubbler and adjust the battery voltage to your preferred level. 


Once you are ready to heat the coil, you can choose from two different modes:


  • Auto-mode – The auto-mode applies the set voltage continuously for a 30-second interval until the Pillar shuts off. Press the activation button two times to start heating the coil in this mode. 


  • On-demand mode – This mode works like a button-activated vape. Press the activation button to start heating the coil and take a hit. Release the button to stop heating or the battery will shut after 30 seconds. 

4. Performance

When using an e-rig, there are really two things to look for – the temperature control and the flavor. These can go hand in hand because limited temperature control and also translate to poor flavor. 

Yocan PillarThe Yocan Pillar has no temperature regulation features. The TGT coils are heated with a steady voltage during the entire activation period. Over long sessions, this can lead to a harsher hit and worse flavor profile as the coil gets too hot and burns the wax. 

Yocan Pillar

We found the best way to avoid this is to opt for the lower voltage setting and use the on-demand mode. The auto-mode heats the coil for the full 30 seconds, even if you are not actively hitting the Pillar. Auto-mode is a good option for the first or only hit of a session, but for longer sessions, on-demand mode is the way to go. 


With this method, we consistently got tasty hits and good vapor while keeping the Pillar TGT coils at a good working temperature. 

5. Ease of Use

The Yocan Pillar is a breeze to use. The button activation options are intuitive, and adding concentrate is straightforward. The included user guide provides all of the necessary instructions to get first-time e-rig users up to speed. The pick is perfectly sized for loading and adjusting concentrate.

Yocan Pillar

The coil adapter comes pre-installed, but both the coil and adapter can be removed for cleaning. The adapter is easy to clean, but the coils, specifically the TGT Quad coil, are difficult to clean properly. This means that the coils may need to be replaced a bit more often than other e-rigs. 

6. Price of Yocan Pillar

The price point is one of the biggest selling points for the Yocan Pillar. The e-rig looks great, performs great, and is super easy to use, but adding a competitive market price is the icing on the cake. 

The Yocan Pillar can be purchased directly on the Yocan website, but other online retailers are selling this e-rig,  you can find a good option from the spread in retail prices for budget-conscious users to shop around and find a price that works for them. Snagging the Pillar for any of these prices is a steal.

7. Verdict of Yocan Pillar

The Yocan Pillar e dab rig emerges as a beacon of hope for those who yearn for quality without burning a hole in their pocket. With most e-rigs in the market demanding a premium, Pillar’s competitive pricing is a breath of fresh air. But affordability isn’t its only strength.

Yocan Pillar

From its exclusive TGT coil technology to its robust 1400 mAh battery, the Pillar promises an e-rig experience that’s both potent and flavorful. Its design, a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, speaks volumes of Yocan’s commitment to quality. The choice between the TGT and TGT Quad coil, the sturdy zinc alloy battery construction, and the elegant glass water bubbler all contribute to an e-rig that’s both a visual and functional delight.


Its performance, while commendable, does come with a slight learning curve. Optimal flavor and temperature control require a bit of tinkering, especially for longer sessions. However, once mastered – the Pillar delivers consistently.


Ease of use is another feather in its cap. Intuitive button activations, a comprehensive user guide, and a well-designed pick tool make the Pillar user-friendly, even for e-rig novices. The only minor hiccup is the cleaning of the TGT coils. It seems that Yocan doesn’t really intend for them to be cleaned, and instead, coils should be replaced more often. However, the coil adapter is easy to clean. 


But the real clincher is the price. At a fraction of the cost of its competitors, the Pillar offers incredible value. Whether you purchase it directly from Yocan or scout for deals from other online retailers, you’re in for a bargain.


The Yocan Pillar e-rig is a testament to the fact that quality doesn’t always come at a premium. It’s a perfect blend of performance, design, and affordability, making it a great option for both seasoned vapers and newcomers alike. We can always trust on Yocan Vaporizer manufacturer.

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