Exploring the Icewave X8500 – A Comprehensive Review of Performance, Flavor, and Value

User Rating: 8.7
  • Offers 24 diverse flavors, catering to a wide range of taste preferences.
  • Features a visually appealing, segmented design with a durable metallic lower section and a protective plastic upper body.
  • The 600 mAh battery provides 7-9 hours of vaping.
  • Quick USB Type-C charging in about 35 minutes.
  • 1.0-ohm resistance mesh coil offers smooth heating, consistent vapor, and MTL vaping.
  • Comfortable and intuitive to use, with a sleek, slightly curved body and offset mouthpiece.
  • Reasonable price of $19.99 with a high puff count of 7500 per device, offering longevity and cost-effectiveness.
  • While efficient, the 600 mAh battery might be smaller compared to some alternatives.
Function - 9
Quality and Design - 8
Ease of Use - 9
Performance - 8
Price - 9
Icewave X8500


1. Introduction

The Icewave X8500 is a disposable vape new to the market. Designed to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, this device offers an extensive selection of 24 flavors, from the refreshingly fruity to the rich and complex. In this review, we will be taking an in-depth look at the Icewave X8500, exploring its design, functionality, and overall performance. We’ll cover the specifics of its flavor profiles, battery life, ergonomic design, and how it compares in the competitive market of disposable vapes. Join us as we delve into the details to see if this device could be the next go-to choice for your vaping needs.

Icewave X85002. Flavor

The Icewave X8500 has an extensive list of flavors – 24 in all. Whether you like icy, fruity, unique, or sour flavors – there is something that everyone can enjoy. These flavors include:

Max Berry, Strawberry Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Watermelon, Pineapple Ice, Rainbow Sweets, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, Blueberry Watermelon, Cherry Berry, Ribena, Sour Apple, Blue Razz Ice, Peach Ice, Fresh Mint, Mango Ice, Strawberry Kiwi, Lush Ice, Blackberry Ice, Honeydew Watermelon, Clear, Cherry Cola, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Ice Cream, Vanilla Casta Tabacco, and Sakura Grape.

For review, we received 5 of these flavors: Strawberry Dragon Fruit, Pineapple Ice, Strawberry Watermelon, Cherry Berry, and Max Berry. Let’s take a look at how each of these flavors stacks up.


Strawberry Dragon Fruit – This flavor melds the sweet and subtle taste of strawberries with the exotic, slightly tart flavor of dragon fruit. This results in a unique and tantalizing tropical blend that is great for strawberry lovers. 5/5


Pineapple Ice – The pineapple flavor combines the tropical deliciousness of ripe pineapple with a cool menthol finish, which creates a bright and invigorating vaping experience. 5/5


Strawberry Watermelon – This flavor is a refreshing and sweet fusion of ripe strawberries and juicy watermelon, creating a delightfully smooth, sweet, and summery taste experience with every puff. 4/5


Cherry Berry – This flavor is a luscious mix of vibrant cherries and assorted berries, creating a deep, sweet, and slightly tart taste profile that’s both bold and satisfying. 4/5


Max Berry – This flavor offers a vibrant blend of sweet blueberries and tart raspberries and there may also be strawberry flavor in there as well. It’s well-balanced and has a nice tart finish on each exhale. 4/5

3. Design & Quality

The Icewave X8500 disposable has a bold and fun design. Visually segmented into two sections – a lower metallic section and an upper section encased in a protective plastic body. The metallic section has beautiful, bright, gradient coloring and features a novel battery level and e-juice level indicator screen. The upper section has a bold graphic art design and sports the Icewave branding and flavor name in white lettering. And lastly, the offset mouthpiece is molded from the plastic body.

Icewave X85003.1 Does the Icewave X8500 leak?

The Icewave X8500 does not appear to leak at all. During the review period, no e-juice escaped from the mouthpiece or elsewhere – ensuring a clean and hassle-free vaping experience that is vitally important to vapers.

3.2 Durability

The design of the Icewave X8500 not only emphasizes aesthetics but also durability. Its protective plastic body, coupled with the sturdy metallic lower section, provides a robust structure that can withstand the rigors of daily use. The device feels solid in hand, and the quality materials used in its construction help protect against drops and impacts. With its durable build and thoughtful design, the Icewave X8500 promises to be a dependable companion for all.

3.3 Ergonomics

The Icewave X8500 is designed with user comfort and ease of use in mind. Its ergonomic design features a sleek, slightly curved body that fits naturally in the palm, making it comfortable to hold for extended periods. The offset mouthpiece aligns well with the user’s lips, providing a smooth and natural draw. And the intuitive placement of the battery and e-juice level indicator screen allows for easy monitoring without being disruptive.

Icewave X85004. Battery and Charging

The Icewave X8500 is equipped with a 600 mAh battery, which, despite its smaller size, provides an impressive 7-9 hours of consistent vaping. This endurance is ideal for users who prefer extended sessions or require a reliable device throughout their day.


One of the standout features of this battery is its quick charging capability – it can be fully charged in about 35 minutes, minimizing downtime and ensuring the device is ready when needed. For added convenience, the Icewave X8500 features an easy charging process with a USB Type-C port located at the bottom of the device.

5. Performance

The Icewave X8500 features a 1.0-ohm resistance mesh coil that offers smooth heating for a flavorful and consistent vapor experience. This type of coil is renowned for its ability to heat e-juice evenly, ensuring that each puff is as satisfying as the last. The mesh design also contributes to the production of voluminous clouds, a feature that cloud chasers particularly enjoy.


The Icewave X8500 is designed primarily for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping, mimicking the inhalation process of smoking traditional cigarettes. This style is favored by many vapers for the way it can deliver a satisfying throat hit along with excellent flavor.  The disposable also provides a sensitive auto-draw function, which promptly responds to the user’s inhalation, making the vaping process seamless and enjoyable.

6. Price

The Icewave X8500 retails for $19.99 on Mi-pod’s website , the manufacturer of the device. Considering the features it offers, including a robust battery, advanced mesh coil technology, and a high-quality build, this price point is quite competitive within the market of disposable vapes.

Now available at EightVape: at $ 9.88 (with code X8500)

When evaluating its affordability, it’s crucial to consider the value provided by the 7500 puffs per device. This high puff count significantly extends the lifespan of the vape compared to many other disposables in the market, offering more vaping time before needing a replacement.


In the broader market of disposables, where prices and quality can vary greatly, the Icewave X8500 positions itself as a mid-range option that doesn’t compromise on performance or durability.

7. Verdict

The Icewave X8500 emerges as a formidable contender in the disposable vape market. With its extensive list of 24 flavors catering to a wide range of preferences, it offers something for everyone. The sampled flavors, like Strawberry Dragon Fruit, Pineapple Ice, Strawberry Watermelon, Cherry Berry, and Max Berry, each score high on taste and satisfaction, providing unique and enjoyable vaping experiences.

Icewave X8500In terms of design and quality, the Icewave X8500 doesn’t disappoint. Its bold and visually appealing segmented construction, featuring a durable metallic lower section and a protective plastic upper body, speaks volumes about its build quality. The innovative battery level and e-juice level indicator screen add a touch of modernity, while the ergonomic design ensures comfortable and intuitive use.


The battery performance of the Icewave X8500 is impressive, with its 600 mAh battery providing 7-9 hours of consistent vaping and quick charging in about 35 minutes. Despite its smaller size, it delivers great battery life and convenience with its USB Type-C charging port.


Performance-wise, the device excels with its 1.0-ohm resistance mesh coil, ensuring smooth heating and flavorful, consistent vapor.


Overall, the Icewave X8500 is a well-rounded disposable vape that impresses with its flavor variety, design, quality, durability, ergonomics, battery life, and performance. Its competitive price, coupled with the extensive puff count, makes it an attractive choice for both budget-conscious and quality-seeking vapers.


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