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600-Puff UPENDS UpBar RS Disposable Vape Tested: Mesh Coil Leads the Way

  • Slim and lightweight
  • Easily carry multiple disposables at a time
  • No leaking and no fuss
  • Soft supple feel from body wrapper
  • Good flavor delivery
  • One disposable DOA
  • Some flavors are weird and artificial tasting
Flavor - 8
Design&Quality - 8.5
Battery - 8
Vapor - 9

Vape manufacturer Upends focuses its efforts on creating disposable devices that are easy to use, affordable, and minimalist in design. Upends recently released their latest disposable model the UpBar RS. This is a simple disposable with a small form factor, coming in at 96 x 20 x 9 mm.

The UpBar RS disposable by UPENDS comes in 18 flavors covering all of the popular flavor profiles including mint ice, mango ice, blue raspberry, watermelon breeze, and tobacco. Each vape contains 2mL of 2% salt nicotine e-juice powered by a 400mAh battery. We’re expecting to enjoy the warm and smooth hits delivered by the mesh coil for up to 800 hits.

Read further down the review to find out all the pros (highlighted in green) & cons (in red) of the all-new UPENDS vape!

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  • E-juice: 2ml
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • Puff counts: 600+
  • Coil: 1.4Ω Mesh

Flavor (Ranked from Best to Worst)

Ice Mint


Absolutely delicious mint flavor with the perfect amount of ice. Really enjoyed this flavor and recommend it to any mint lovers.

Blue Raspberry


Mouthwatering blue raspberry flavor, much like the other flavors, is super icy and juicy on the exhale.

Apple Ice


Apple is one of my favorite e-juice flavors, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Bold, juicy, and tart green apple flavor floods your mouth with every hit.

Blueberry Ice


Super nice combination of sweet, tart, and ice. The blueberry flavor starts off icy and tart but ends in a smooth sweet flavor that is really enjoyable.

Watermelon Breeze


Crispy and cool watermelon flavor on the inhale, with much sweeter watermelon notes on the exhale.

Orange Ice


This yummy and icy orange flavor is very reminiscent of Orange Fanta.

Peach Ice


Fresh peach flavor that is well-balanced by icy notes, leaving you feeling refreshed.  For some reason, this flavor isn’t as bold as the other flavors.

Banana Ice


Banana Ice tastes like Bananarama candy, with ice on the front end of the hit and sweet banana flavor on the backend. Banana is not my favorite flavor of e-juice, but this one is massively enjoyable, and I expect many people will love it.

Cola Ice


I think this is a super weird flavor but tastes just like Coke on the backend of each hit. Giving it a lower ranking because I don’t like the flavor, but it’s impressive how spot-on the cola flavor is.

Passion Fruit


The passion fruit flavor is weird and artificial tasting, so this was my least favorite of the bunch.

Mango Ice


Another artificial tasting flavor that I really could not stand vaping. Super sweet mango flavor on the exhale with a strange aftertaste.

Strawberry Ice


Unfortunately I was not able to properly review this flavor because it was dead on arrival.

Design & Quality


Upends UpBar RS disposable vape

The UPENDS disposable vape comes packaged in a box and encased within a plastic wrapper. Once the wrapper is removed, you’ll also need to remove a silicone stopper from the mouthpiece, that is meant to ensure freshness during shipping. A sticker also covers the air holes on the bottom of the disposable.


The design of the UPENDS UpBar RS is about as simple and streamlined as possible for a disposable. The disposable has a simple rectangular body covered in a striped sticker that is colored to match the flavor. The main body component, underneath the sticker, seems to be made of a metal alloy.

The vertical stripes are made to pay tribute to the top soccer teams around the world. The device’s logo is a flying soccer ball adorned on the front of the device, above the brand and model name. The back of the device displays the flavor of each disposable. The design is not the most flashy or polished, but the devices are intended to be affordable, so it’s to be expected.

The bottom of the device contains two air holes, but no airflow control. The mouthpiece is a modified duckbill mouthpiece shaped like a pyramid with the top cut off.


The metal alloy body helps protect the battery and coil from damage when dropped. The mouthpiece is securely attached and didn’t budge during the drop testing. The sticker seems resilient to scratching, so it’ll stay in great shape even if you keep it in your pocket with keys and other incidentals.

Does the UPENDS UpBar RS leak?

The Upends vape did not leak at all during the testing period. We also didn’t taste any backflow during use. The Upbar RS can keep up with your busy lifestyle without leaving e-juice all over your hands, pockets, and bag.


Upends UpBar RS disposable vape

The Upbar RS disposable is a super small device that fits easily and comfortably in the palm of your hand. While the vape is a standard rectangular shape, the sticker cover makes for a soft body feel and no sharp edges. If you have bigger hands, the Upbar RS might feel too small in your hand. But on the positive side, it’s very manageable to carry multiple vapes in your hand for easy switching of flavors. The device is light, and it won’t weigh you down throughout the day.

Battery & Charging

UPENDS UpBar RS has no charging capabilities and is designed as a single charge disposable. The 400mAh battery should last through 3-4 hours of continuous vaping, up to 600 puffs. A heavy vaper can probably drain the battery and use the 2 mL of e-juice within 48 hours. But someone that vapes less frequently might get a week to a week and a half out of a single UpBar RS.

Vapor Performance

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This UPENDS disposable vape delivers loose MTL hits with warmth and great flavor delivery thanks to the 1.4-ohm mesh coil. The flavor delivery is consistent and bold (except for the peach ice where we felt like we needed more flavor). The draw sensor is not as sensitive as we’re used to. The 2% nicotine e-juice is on the low side for most vapers. The throat hits are minimal because the draw is so loose.

Furthermore, the cloud volume was quite small. Ex-smokers or new vapers might really enjoy the gentle inhales, but cloud chasers will be disappointed by the clouds.

We’re really disappointed when we realized the Strawberry Ice flavor was DOA, which might be a fluke. Besides the one non-functioning device, the other 11 flavors performed well during the entire test period. It really does feel like you get roughly 600 hits out of the vape before it dies.


We found no pricing information for the Upbar RS on UPENDS’s website or elsewhere on the internet. It seems that Upend primarily sells its products wholesale, meaning only retailers or distributors have access to purchase these devices. Talk to your local vape shop if you are interested in trying the Upbar RS or other Upend products.


The newest UpBar RS by UPENDS has no wow factor. The flavor quality is good, the hits are delivered as a satisfying MTL experience, and the vape design is acceptable, but there is nothing about the UpBar RS that stands out amongst the crowd of other disposables on the market.

It’s hard to recommend the UpBar RS without pricing data. Some of the 18 flavors (12 were tested) are major flops, like Mango Ice, although the flavor delivery is pretty decent. 2mL of 2%-nic e-juice and a 400mAh battery doesn’t go very far with a vaping enthusiast. Yet there is still a market for the Upbar RS. Anyone who wants a slim simple device that is lightweight, durable, and easy to carry multiple flavors might enjoy this vape. I wouldn’t personally recommend it to anyone except new vapers.

Share your thoughts about the UPENDS UpBar RS below!

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