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Elf Bar Lowit 2500 & 5500 Disposable Vape Review: Sustainability is the New “Chic”

  • Tight-fitting magnetic connection
  • A wide range of flavors
  • Rechargeable
  • Vivid colors
  • Ergonomic
  • Non-adjustable airflow
  • Meaningless translucent design
Flavors - 9.5
Design & Quality - 9
Battery & Charging - 9
Performance - 9

Elf bar makes a great buzz in the vaping world. This young brand has gathered a lot of praise and fondness in a very short time, and rolled out plenty of hot-selling disposable vapes over these years. From the classic Elf Bar 600&800 to today’s trending Elf Bar BC line, EVERY one of them is a big hit.

This July, they launched the brand-new Elf Bar Lowit disposable vape, available in 2500 puffs (8ml e-liquid) and 5500 puffs (14ml e-liquid), both with 5% nicotine. The latest vaping product inherits the flagon shape, while creatively adopting removable, interchangeable prefilled pods. That’s a really big twist to the way that previous Elf Bars function and work, or rather most disposable vapes on the market.

Will this update take the Elf Bar Lowit’s performance to the next level, or it’s otherwise? Is there any other new feature worth trying in it? Read further down the page and find out what we like and dislike about it!

Elf bar lowit
Elf Bar lowit device

Elf Bar Lowit has up to 13 flavors: Mango Passion Fruit, Blue Razz Ice, Cherry Grape Lemonade, Watermelon ice, Mixed Berries, Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, Energy, Grape, Juicy peach, Strawberry yogurt, Blueberry Ice, Mint, Strawberry Ice.

We got six of them to try and test. On the whole, every flavor features a sweet undertone, and tastes smooth and well-rounded. Its flavor blend is exceptional as usual—you can always rely on it.

Elf Bar Lowit - Blue Razz Ice

Blue Razz Ice


This is our favorite flavor. You can taste the tart raspberry with a really fresh and ice sensation. Not too harsh nor too plain, the cloud is smooth and meanwhile gives a nice hit. We especially love the icy rush that refreshed us from the start to the end. It’s so fresh and delicious, and we can vape it all day without getting tired of it.

Elf Bar Lowit - Grape



Grape is a flavor that Elf Bar has always done well, and this grape doesn’t fail to impress either. The fresh, juicy grape is very smooth, as if you are tasting fresh grapes, but not overly sweet. It would be a richer, more profound flavor if it had more sourness in it.

Elf Bar Lowit - Juicy Peach

Juicy Peach


This is a very juicy peach flavor, with refreshing peach sweetness pulsating in the mouth with each drag. Even better, it has a well-balanced flavor profile. The light sweetness of the peach flavor is well interpreted.

Elf Bar Lowit - Juicy Peach

Cherry Grape Lemonade


You can taste the rich grape flavor, but the taste of cherry is difficult to distinguish. The addition of lemonade makes the aftertaste more refreshing and icier. The general experience is nice, not overly sweet, you can taste the aroma of juicy fruits. Would be a better one if the cherry flavor is well blended in.

Elf Bar Lowit - Energy



This energy is relatively sweet. What we expected was soothing and minty tastes like realistic energy drinks, but this one focus more on representing pure sweetness.

Elf Bar Lowit - Blueberry Ice

Blueberry Ice


This is the least recommended of the flavors we tried, blueberry is oversweet, to the degree that makes you sick in the first few drags. The ice sensation is not strong.

Design & Quality

An entire Elf Bar Lowit disposable vape consists of a reusable device and a replaceable pod. The two sections use a convenient, tight-fitting magnetic connection; to start off vaping, attach the pre-filled pods to the device first. Note that Elf Bar has yet to bundle the two into one kit, so you’ll need to buy them separately. The overall shape is still flagon-like, built with smooth lines and delivering a comfortable grip.

DSC05157 scaled

There’re two Elf Bar Lowit pods in different puff counts to choose from, 2500-puff and 5500-puff ones, which respectively load up 8ml and 14ml e-juices. Other specifications, such as nicotine strength (50mg) and flavor options, are the same. By bringing out two differently-sized replaceable pods for one product, Elf Bar is branching out into more versatile disposable vapes: more customers’ needs will be satisfied by a single easy-to-use product. No matter whether you want portability or a longer lifespan, Elf Bar Lowit can be the perfect solution.

There is nothing to complain about these replaceable pods, since they keep the same great workmanship and aesthetic design as all earlier Elf Bar models. While the latest Elf bar switches to glossy shells. Honestly, it doesn’t feel as nice as its predecessors’ matte shells and is easily smudged. The flat mouthpiece is up to standard. But the device section of Elf Bar Lowit looks less satisfactory. Its translucent coating looks to us very plastic, and as if of poor quality.

Battery & Charging

Elf Bar Lowit 5500 & 2500 is powered by a 500mAh integrated battery and gets charged via a Type-C port. The charging port is on the side face of the device, allowing for more convenient charging than that on the base. Moreover, we’re really satisfied with the LED lights of Elf Bar Lowit as it’s a true battery level indicator instead of mere false advertising. Of course, this feature is nothing new in larger-sized devices like pod systems and mod vapes; however, only a few disposable vapes take this seriously.

The LED light shines green when the battery level stands between 70% and 100%, shines blue when it’s 29%-69%, and shines red when there’s less than 29% power left.

In our test, we started charging only when the light turned red, and typically the battery will turn back to green in about 45min, which is quite fast. It could last for 4-5 hours of continuous vaping before needing recharges.


Although the Elf Bar Lowit comes available in 2500 and 5500 puffs, we noticed little difference in the vapor produced by the two. After all, they use the same output power and coil resistance.

We found if we put the disposable aside for a while and restart vaping, there’re always whistling sounds in the first few puffs. The good part is it gets back to normal soon.

DSC05154 scaled

The prefilled replaceable pod does not leak juice. Although now you have got to connect the pods to the device before vaping, it’s still a breeze to swap out between flavors. We prefer the 5500-puff option to the 2500-puff one, as it lasts longer but meanwhile is only a tad heavier, which can be slipped into pockets as easily.


Since the Elf Bar Lowit 5500 & 2500 is not yet available in any stores, including Elf Bar’s official store, so there is no way to know the price. We will update the price of them as soon as we receive them. From our experience, Elf Bar’s pricing always falls into the middle range.


Elf Bar Lowit disposable vape is a creative invention, but not to the extent that it can’t be faulted. Its smooth hits are a match made in heaven with its well-blended flavors. Its 500mAh battery is average, but charging is surprisingly fast. As only its replacement pods are disposable, it’s also a more sustainable and cost-saving option. But we expect a power-supplying device made up of more durable materials.

Elf bar’s quick response to the market trends and creativeness in product development may be the secret to its success in the current disposable vape market. Elf Bar Lowit is exactly a good example of this latest. Feel free to leave your comments below to share with us your thoughts!

Author: joyce

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