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[Giveaway] Every Elf Bar BC3000 Flavor Reviewed! – Tried and Tested

  • Wide range of flavors
  • Nice-looking gradient colors on the shell
  • Ergnomical
  • Stealth vaping
  • No warm vapor coming out
  • A bit airy clouds
Flavor - 8
Design & Quality - 10
Performance - 7
Charging - 9

Elf Bars are going to be the next big thing. They use the simplest puff-to-vape design with no setups required through and through, and it’s a breeze to slip them into your pocket. Plus, the disposable vape brand has never limited itself to any flavors available.

So, following our reviews on the classic Elf Bar 600, 800 and 1500, we’re here again with a brand-new Elf Bar model, the Elf Bar BC3000! This one comes from Elf Bar’s brilliant BC series, featuring more complex flavor blends and higher puff counts (except for BC3000, there’re 3500, 4000 and 5000 options).

elf bar bc3000

elf bar bc3000

We’re really grateful that Elf Bar sent us the BC3000 disposables before these are officially put up for sales online. This review will cover up to 17 different flavors of the Elf Bar BC3000 disposable vape, and provide our first-hand thoughts about them. Let’s get this started!

(If you can’t wait till they’re officially released, give Elf Bar BC3500 and Elf Bar BC5000 a go! They’re already available online, and share lots of same flavor options. )

Our Top 3 Picks of Elf Bar BC3000 Flavors

elf bar bc3000



Flavor Profile: Refreshing Menthol and Fruits

#1 Lemon Mint

The first drag on it was mind-blowing since I’ve never vaped something so fresh and tasty from a disposable. This one tastes like fresh squeezed lemonade over lots of ice, which is filled in a mason jar garnished with sliced lemons. I know lemon and mint always make the best couples, but didn’t expect they could be good like this. It’s a ten out of ten, absolutely.

elf bar bc3000



Flavor Profile: Floral and Tarty Fruits

#2 Sakura Grape

We like Sakura grape as it offers a unique flavor blend of flower nectar and ripe grape, and does it nicely. It presents the tasty crisp grapes on inhale, leaving a floral note on the aftertaste. This one finds the subtle balance between sweet and sour. That’s why I just can’t stop vaping it on and on. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a flavor for all day vaping.

elf bar bc3000



Flavor Profile: Sweet and Sour Fruits Mix

#3 Strawberry Mango

If you hope to try some mango flavored e-liquid but continuously steps off for its pungent smell and taste, this one can get you covered. When sweet, succulent strawberry meets with the tangy mango, that’s the sweet spot. Mango becomes only a subtle undertone to enrich the flavor range. More importantly, this one just tastes like authentic fruits.

Top 3 Worst Flavors

elf bar bc3000



#1 Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

The first thing popping into my mind after vaping this one is the cleaning spray I used to use in my room. It tastes synthetic and weird. The three flavors, kiwi, passion fruits and guava, are somehow conflicting, like they’re reluctantly blending with each other and as a result end up as a disaster. Kiwi flavor is very notable, but in a horrid way.

elf bar bc3000



#2 Strawberry Kiwi

We vote down this one largely due to its artificial taste and smell. It’s not like any strawberry or kiwi or their fusion, but only gets me thinking of candied synthetic flavorings that makes me sick with only one draw. It doesn’t go for me at least.

elf bar bc3000



#3 Triple Melon

After a second thought, I suppose it may be more accurate to list this Triple Melon as the weirdest flavor. It sounds like mixing like three types of melons together to create a soothing vibe, a fresh rush of tasty fruits. But actually it delivers nothing other than sickly sweetness. I just can’t relate this one to any melons I’ve tried before.

Other Flavors

Mixed Fruit Flavors

cranberry grape

Cranberry Grape


Cranberry and grape are really a perfect match for one another. This one is built on the lip-puckering sour base, while adds an optimum level of sweetness to make the overall flavor delivery well-rounded. More I vaped it, more I was brought back to those grape jolly ranchers.

mango peach

Mango Peach


An ad comes into my mind when I try to describe this Mango Peach: 100% original juice. It’s kinda surprise since I didn’t expect the two flavors can go hand in hand so well. By providing a subtle blend of luscious mango and ripe peach flesh, it’s definitely on point!

mango apricot peach

Mango Apricot Peach


It delivers more layers of flavor than the Mango Peach by adding a bit bright, festive apricot scent. All the three get on very well with each other; none predominates to dwarf other flavors. On the first inhale, the sweet and luscious mango, apricot and peach aroma just stormed into my mouth and nostril altogether, in harmony.

strawberry pineapple coconut

Strawberry Pineapple Coconut


Among all the flavors we got, this is the best one featuring layers of flavors and full-bodied aftertaste. Freshly-picked strawberry and pineapple came at me first, and the creamy coconut milk undertone emerged next up. This is a flavor bomb worth a try.

peach mango watermelon

Peach Mango Watermelon


I was worried that mango might overwhelm and diminish the peach and watermelon flavor, but their mixture is actually nice. I don’t hate it at least. The flavor isn’t 1:1 realistic presentation of the three fruits. For me it tastes closer to candies or desserts with hints of custardy.

Icy Menthol Flavors

pineapple ice

Pineapple Ice


It feels like Mexico-made pineapple brew with a banging icy rush. This is honestly a top-notch menthol flavor among others, especially for its phenomenal imitation of juicy pineapples. I’d love to describe it as a refreshing summer drink to quench thirst.

guava ice

Guava Ice


Vaping on this one gave us mild sweetness at first, then a tart punch out of it as a follow-up. It weakens the particular tangy scent typical of guavas that I hate all the time, while only retaining the good part. Sour and sweet are both on spot. Give a thumb up.

strawberry ice

Strawberry Ice


It uses the most average strawberry flavoring—no mistakes, while no surprises either. Its sweetness is pronounced. That got me enchanted at first few drags but starting to feel fed up with soon after. Luckily it adds some minty menthol to cushion the sugar blow.

blue razz ice

Blue Razz Ice


That tastes exactly like the candied blue raspberry ice cream we enjoyed in childhood. So of course, it doesn’t deliver you freshly-picked fruit tastes but only lots of manufactured sweetness. But it’s still a good one for its lasting aftertaste and on-spot icy blast.

Beverage Flavors

red mojito

Red Mojito


Fresh mint, syrup, grapefruits and ounces of rum, this one is a good imitation of red mojito. The refreshing taste of grapefruit shines through from the very beginning, and gives continuous icy rushes to chill me out. It’s a juice on the tarter side while not overemphasized.




Its acidity goes too far. Frankly I’m a fan of most clean sour-side e-liquid, but this one overstresses it. But on the other hand, I need to admit it’s an honest mimic of red bull, though it doesn’t taste that good. And I have no idea why this one’s vapor comes out warmer than other flavors, which I like quite a lot.

Design & Quality

Unlike the signature pen style design of original Elf Bars, BC3000 is shaped like a flagon. It rounds off each and every edge in its cuboid body to better fit in our palms, and level up in grip. What’s more, there’s an update to the mouthpiece as well. BC3000 has got a rounder and more concentrated mouthpiece, which fits better within my lips. Overall, it makes a big leap in ergonomics.

Elf Bar BC3000 is a disposable vape with quality manufacture. That’s fairly easy to tell through its heft, tight sealing between each section and shell materials. Plus, the gradient colors Elf Bar BC3000 uses is also a hallmark. Each flavor corresponds to a different color combo, and I love all of them. Elf Bar has a good color sense, knowing what colors work great together and also able to create an attractive and wide-ranging color palette.

Side-by-Side Comparison with BC3500, 4000 & 5000

elf bar bc


elf bar bc3000

Elf Bar BC3000 disposable vape offers nice hits. The vapor produced is very airy and small, perfect for stealth vaping without a doubt. While if you’re pursuing some big clouds, this isn’t the one for you. Of course, in terms of vapor production, there’s a huge gap between disposables and larger-sized mod vapes, and there’s no point blaming a disposable for spilling only plumes of vapor. While certain brands are still pushing the envelope. We’ve reviewed disposables with really satisfying vapor amount and density before, compared to Elf Bar BC3000. (You can check our earlier reviews on LOMO LUX and MOTI POP if interested.)

While we still love deeply about this BC3000, for its phenomenal performance in smoothing vapor out. Also, among all our likes and dislikes, none of the flavors is on the oversweet side that makes you feel you’re overloading on sugar.

How to Charge Elf Bar BC3000?

elf bar bc3000

Elf Bar BC3000, like all other models on the Elf Bar BC line, is rechargeable. There’s a Type-C charging port on the base of each Elf Bar BC3000, paired with a LED light next to it. But it’s weird that the light only flashes when I pulled the charger out, instead of while the device is being charged.

How Long Does an Elf Bar Take to Charge?

We know how long a disposable vape lasts on a single charge varies greatly by person. Heavy users always run out of batteries faster. But we did a simple test on the battery life of Elf Bar BC3000 anyways, by controlling our puffs per day at somewhere near 200. It turned out its 650mAh battery died after about three days’ use.


NewVaping x Elf Bar BC3000 Giveaway for Thanksgiving Day is going on! This is the model that Elf Bar has yet to put up for sales, which means our winners might be among the first ones to use these new Elf Bars!

The event is jointly sponsored by NewVaping and Elf Bar, and will run from 11/01/2022 to 11/24/2022.

To enter for a chance to win Elf Bar BC3000, you need to:

Complete the tasks listed in the competition page to accrue as many points as possible.

Prizes We Offer:

1st Prize: 1 winner * 10 pcs

2nd Prize: 3 winners * 8 pcs

3rd Prize: 10 winners * 5 pcs

4th Prize: 30 winners * 2 pcs

Also remember to follow our social media accounts to get notified of our other giveaway events in time.

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