Does Vape Juice Expire?

vape juice expires

People love to quote the saying that “everything has an expiry date.” Hate to admit it, but it’s so true, even if you’re just vaping a bottle of Dinner Lady Lemon Tart.

When a vape juice goes bad, its flavor gets lousy or altered, sometimes completely fades away. No researches have yet pointed to any exact dangers of consuming expired vape juice. While it’s not a cool idea to do so anyways.

So, how long does vape juice expire? What specifically happen when juices go rancid? Is it likely to extend their shelf life? Our guide will walk you through all these most asked questions about e-liquid expiry date, and uncover the secrets behind.

When Does an E-Juice Expire?

E-juices are regarded as shelf-stable products. To put it simply, they last for quite a long time when sealed and properly stored at room temperature. On average they’re good for use for about two years since the manufacture date. The specific time might vary, depending on the ingredients and whether we store them in the right way.

Once we open a vape juice, breaking its vacuum seal and letting air in, its life expectancy shortens. In that case, we recommend you vape it off within 3-5 months. You can also know whether your vape juice still holds up by using methods we’ll explain in the following paragraphs.

What Affects the Expiry of Vape Juice?

How long does an e-juice last is mainly affected by two factors: nicotine oxidation and flavoring degradation.

  • Nicotine

After using a vape juice for a while, you might find the liquid inside turns dark over time. That’s a natural result of nicotine oxidation. The more your vape juice gets exposed to the open air, the faster nicotine oxidizes. When oxidization goes too far, your e-liquid flavor will start to blow away until totally disappearing. Properly storing your e-liquid can help put the brake on.

  • Flavorings

Your e-liquid lifespan also has something to do with the flavoring quality. Generally, poor quality flavoring is more vulnerable to heat, breaks down more easily, and in turn spoils faster with flavor fading or change taste. What’s more, a useful rule of thumb is that vape juices that use natural flavorings is more likely to expire than those using artificial one. So be sure to keep mindful of this when picking out a vape liquid.

How Long is Different Vape Juice Good For?

  • High PG E-Liquid

PG (propylene glycol) is an effective component that fends off degradation over time. So naturally, a high-PG vape juice is more likely to last long. That being said, long lifespan of an e-liquid still relies on proper handling.

  • Nic Salt E-Liquid

Just like traditional freebase nicotine, nic salts also expire. However, as salt is more chemically stable than freebase, this sort of compound oxidizes and degrades at a slower rate. Properly stored, they could possibly last longer than the one-year timeframe.

  • High VG E-Liquid

By contrast, vape juices with high VG content are not as immune to the natural break-down process. But there’s a variable we must factor in, that is VG’s impact on the expiry date is never as great as nicotine. That means when high VG and PG e-juices both carry nicotine, they’re good for use for almost the same time.

  • Zero Nicotine E-Liquid

Although nicotine oxidization is a main factor getting e-liquid to expire, zero-nicotine liquid can still go bad due to other ingredients such as VG and flavorings. It’s only the expiry date might not come that sooner.

How to Tell a Vape Juice Goes Bad?

Aside from the expiry date indicated, there’re a couple of more signs showing your vape juice might have gone bad:

  • If your e-liquid expires, flavor would change dramatically or go away, hand in hand with the pleasant scent;
  • Expired vape juices always mean excessive nicotine oxidization and bring about darkened color;
  • Thickening is another distinct feature of e-liquid going bad. When you found your liquid gets too thick, produces too dense clouds, and clogs your coil quickly, that’s a telltale sign;
  • Be mindful of the sediment forming on the bottom of your e-liquid bottle after you put it aside for long. If it doesn’t dissolve even though you shake it hard, it’s time to discard it.

Is It Safe to Vape Expired Vape Juice?

You might have noticed sometimes we decide whether a vape juice has gone bad not only through the date printed on its package, but more from indicators like color, flavor and smell. After all, vape juice doesn’t just go rancid all of a sudden at the marked expiry date. Degradation happens slowly over time. Without right handling and storing, your vape juice might expire much earlier than what manufacturer says.

When vaping an expired juice, you’d find its flavor has lost the original potency, or even altered. The pleasant scent is gone. Hits in the throat diminish as well. But based on current knowledge, it doesn’t harm our health, only ruining the mood of a vaper.

Pro Tips of Storing E-Liquid Properly

To keep your vape juice as fresh as it originally was throughout the lifespan, the best method is to store it properly. That extends its life even though you’ve opened it before.

First of all, you should avoid its direct exposure to sunlight and too much oxygen. Plus, make sure it keeps clear of extremes of heat. Anywhere next to an oven, windows getting direct sunlight or your computer air vents can accelerate its degradation.

So in a word, the best place for e-liquid is actually somewhere cool and dark. You can find any confined spaces with room temperature around you, like a drawer and cabinet, to store it. Some vapers even prefer to put it in the fridge.

Don’t Over-Steep Your Vape Juice

Steeping refers to the process of letting separate ingredients in the vape juice bond together and in turn make for more pronounced flavor and fragrance. It’s a bit like aging a good wine. E-liquid usually hits the sweetest spot after steeping for a while.

Depending on the flavor it carries, a vape juice needs somewhere between 1 to 14 days to mature and deliver optimum flavor. Talking from experience, fruity flavor mellows to a tee after sitting for 1 or 2 days, while tobacco flavor needs around 2 weeks. The time limit matters. As if you overstep a vape juice, it also expires faster.

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