Vaping: A petition to enact new e-cigarette safety laws in Guernsey


There is a need to come up with new e-cigarette regulations to guarantee the safety of people who use vaping equipment and liquids. This is according to a petition that has been raised by health campaigners.
The appeal comes as the Health Improvement Commission reports a rise in the number of underage people smoking e-cigarettes.
It has appealed for the State regulation of the products, as one legislator has proposed deeper research into the disastrous outcomes of vaping.
The States has been called upon to comment on the matter.

Very risky

According to Grace Lindsay, the officer in charge of tobacco harm reduction, within the commission, people wouldn’t know what was in the liquids they are using if there were no regulations. Grace stressed that the lack of regulations makes it harder to determine how safe the products people use are.

She added that the information the commission was getting from education chiefs and experts working with the youths concerning an upsurge in the number of vaping was not scientifically backed.

According to Deputy Liam McKenna, there is a need for the States to apply additional effort to sensitize people on the looming risks, claiming it was believed to lead to catastrophic health issues.

He added that more ought to be done to completely keep children and young individuals away from the devices.

He stated that some eleven- and twelve-year-olds get hold of the devices considering it a fashionable and harmless act, which is not the case. “I believe, and so do a lot of the medical experts, that vaping reduces your life-term and your quality of life,” he said.

In 2015, the states endorsed the notion of regulating e-cigarettes.

There are no new e-cigarette regulation plans; however, any person below the age of 18 is not permitted to buy tobacco products.

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