A Man Risks a 20-Year Jail Term for Placing an Electronic Cigarette in a Baby’s Mouth in a Trending Video

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An unidentified man who filmed a viral social media clip where he jokingly put an electronic cigarette in a baby’s mouth is now police under police custody.

According to reports by Rupiah Abd Wahid, North Johor Bahru district police commander, the 23-year-old business tycoon was nabbed on August 8 by law enforcers in Johor, Malaysia.

putting electronic cigarette in a baby's mouth

(Image: @fanaizty/Twitter)

Rupia clarified that at the time of the occurrence, the baby was in a restaurant accompanied by the mother and her sister, alongside a man—allegedly the sister’s buddy.

The commander added, “Suddenly, the man holding the baby had jokingly slipped the non-functioning electronic cigarette into the baby’s mouth.”

“The mother’s sister filmed the incident and shared it on social media and it trended.”

The baby never inhaled any fumes from the gadget in the clip.

Rupiah claimed that on August 6, the seven-month-old girl’s mother alerted the law enforcers and gave them a report. This prompted an investigation followed by the man’s arrest.

On August 10, police submitted an application for a remand order in line with Malaysia’s Child Act since he had risked the lives of children under his care.

Rupiah said that the man might face harsh punishment.

If convicted, he could spend 20 years behind bars, pay a £9,279 (RM50,000) fine, or both.

In addition, the police commander warned the public to exercise caution while posting anything on social media.

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