How to Choose the Right Vapes?

how to choose the best vapes

Just like buying everything else, buying the right vape is important for a vaper. With the influx of so many new vapes and types on the internet, you might be overwhelmed and confused about which one to choose.

Here is an easy guide for you on how to choose the right vape. Let’s dive in with us now.

Get to Know Vape Types

A vape, also called electronic cigarette, is usually consisted an atomizer, power source, and e-liquid holder. It was invented to simulated the traditional smoking at first. With so many years’ revolution, vapes have evolved into many different types. We can simply categorize them into the following categories: mods, pod mods, pod systems, and disposable vapes.

Disposable Vapes

What are disposable vapes:

Disposable vapes is the easiest vape type. It has no screen, no button, no seperate pod/tank to install. Vapers can use it directly by taking drags, and throw them away after running out of the e-liquid inside.

disposable vape


  • Ultimate convenience – throw after use
  • No building and wicking needed
  • Prefilled vape juice – no need to buy vape juice alone
  • Multiple pod capacity – holds e-liquid from 2-15mL e-liquid
  • Usually have 10+ flavors to choose
  • Some disposables are rechargeable
  • Portable – great for travel around
  • Suitable for people who’s new to vaping – the coil resistance is usually between 1-1.2Ω, providing stronger throat hit.


  • Can’t be refilled
  • Not environmental-friendly
  • Airflow, power, and coil are fixed
  • Flavors are provided by brands (not as various as e-liquid flavors)
pod system kit

Pod Systems

What are pod systems:

Pod system, like the name, has a pod (atomizer included) and a device (power source). The pod can hold your e-liquid, and it can be refillable or pre-filled. Pod systems don’t have display screens. Some of them have fire buttons for vapers. They are usually draw to activate. The prefilled pods are disposable. The refillable pods can be re-filled 3-6 times on average depending on vapers’ use. Vapers can only use matching pods on the device.


  • Small in size – portable in bag and pocket
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Great for daily use and on the go
  • You can also choose your preferred e-liquid for open-system
  • For closed system pods, you don’t need to buy e-liquid on your own
  • Suitable for people who’s new to vaping – the coil resistance is usually between8-1.2Ω, providing stronger throat hit
  • Suitable for nicotine salt e-juice (stronger throat hit, faster nicotine satisfaction, and higher nicotine level)


  • Usually holds up to 2mL to 3mL – needs to refill or change the pod often
  • For closed system pods, it’s expensive to buy replacement pods compared to open system pods
  • No display screens
  • No as powerful as mods and pod mods


What are mods:

Mods are the most complicated, yet functional vapes. Users have more DIY rooms on the atomizer. Usually, a mod comes with an universal 510 connector to fit different atomizers. Also, mods support higher output power, adjustable airflow, and different vaping modes. You will learn how to use them if you spend time exploring! And there are so much fun.

mod vapes


  • Versatile functions – VW modes, temperature control modes, bypass modes, Ti, and Ni mode, etc.
  • Big clouds – enjoy the vapors and can do many vape tricks
  • Higher power and warmer vapor
  • RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) – DIY your own preferred coils
  • Sub-ohm vaping (DL vaping)
  • Less throat hit – smoother inhale
  • Adjustable airflow and power
  • You can experience different combination of powers, coils, and airflow, etc. There are so many to explore
  • 510 connector for tank (you can use different tanks on your mods)


  • Large size
  • May need other tools such as coil building tools
  • Heavier than other vapes
  • External batteries needed
  • Require some related knowledge before using

Pod Mods

What are pod mods:

Pod mods consist of pods and mods. Unlike mods, pod mods come with matching pods provided by vape brands and you can only use them. They don’t have 510 connector. Pod mods are made for easier use than mods and more functions than pod systems. You don’t need to learn how to build your own coil and you can get higher power and more flavors than pod systems.

pod mod


  • Easier to use than mods
  • More functions than pod systems
  • Smaller than mods
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • No building needed
  • Sub-ohm vaping (DL vaping)
  • Pods and mods are sually magnetically connected


  • Not as versatile as mods
  • Require some related knowledge before using
  • Not as powerful as mods
  • Can only use the compatible pod

Know What You Need the Most

We have broken down several factors for you to consider before buying a vape.

Different people have different flavor preferences. Mods, pod mods, and open-system pods don’t have pre-filled e-liquid. Disposable vapes and closed-system pods are pre-filled with vape juice. Therefore, the flavors of vapes without pre-filled e-liquid largely depend on the e-liquid you use (besides the influence of pods/cartridges/tanks), which also means you can have larger scale of choices on flavors. For pre-filled vapes, if you don’t know which brand and products have the best flavors, you can check others’ comments or vape reviews before you purchase.

Mods > Pod Mods > Pod System > Disposable Vapes

If you fancy big clouds, you can choose mod vapes. Mods with sub-ohm coils will give you nice and large vapor vaping experiences. There are several factors will affect your vapor experience: coil resistance (<1.0Ω), airflow, and VG: PG ratio (7:3) of e-liquid.

Mods > Pod Mods > Pod System > Disposable Vapes

Generally, if you are new to vaping, we suggest you start with disposable vapes or pod systems. Using a disposable vape doesn’t require you to know anything, just draw from the mouthpiece directly, you can get the flavor and vapor.

Other types of vapes, due to their larger body, can hold more functions and technology in them.

On the first glimpse, the disposable vape is the cheapest vape. A 2mL disposable vape usually is sold at £4.99 or US$5.99 (sometimes cheaper at discount), such as Elfbar and Geekbar. 2mL e-liquid can last about 500puffs for an average use. If you are an avid vaper, one 2mL disposable vape can last about only 2 days.

An open-system pod is sold at around £12-25. A bottle of 10mL nic salt vape juice’s price is about £3-4. The pod capacity of vape in UK is restricted at 2mL. One bottle of 10mL e-juice can last 5 refills. Besides, a pack of 2 replacement pods is sold from £2-4. For example, Uwell Caliburn G2 Replacement pod’s price is £3.99 and the replacement coils (4 pieces in one pack)’s price is £9.99.

It’s quite tricky to say one vape is cheaper or more expensive than the others. It is true that buying pod systems/mods are much more costly than disposable vapes. However, the following expense on e-liquid, pods/tanks, and coils are cheaper than continuously buying disposable vapes since a device can last for years.

Disposable Vapes > Pod Systems > Pod Mods > Mods

Without any doubts, the compact disposable vapes are the easiest vapes.

Disposable Vapes > Pod Systems > Pod Mods > Mods

For portability, smaller vapes have higher portability. With smaller batteries and less functions, the device will be lighter and easier to carry around.

For example, for mods, you will need to carry extra neccessaties with you, such as a bottle of e-liquid, external 18650/21700/20700 batteries, charging cable, and building tools.

For disposable vapes, if you don’t like the flavor, it’s gonna be a waste of money. For prefilled pod systems, the situation is the same. For refillable vapes, if you don’t like the flavor, you can empty your pods/tanks, and fill in the one you like. However, the bottle of e-liquid will be wasted. We have several suggestions for your unwanted e-liquid. 1. If you have vaper friends, you can re-sell it or give it to them. 2. Dispose the e-liquid properly and recycle the bottle.

Using RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers) can somehow let you change your flavor quickly. To vape through an RDA, you need to continuously drip e-liquid to your coil. One dripping allows you to have several puffs. Therefore, in this context, you can change your flavors often compared to other vapes that you have to finish the whole pod/tank to have a new flavor.


Have you found the info we organized helpful? If not, don’t worry. Everything starts with the first try. You will get so much fun exploring the vapes. We also believe you can throw away your cigarettes shortly. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help!

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