Will Refillable Disposable Vape Replace Pod System as the Apple of Newcomer’s Eye?


The vaping product system has long been intricate to summarize in a few words. To classify vapes without giving too many details, maybe pod systems and disposables come as more suitable for novices, whereas intermediate vapers go better with multifunctional high-watt pod mods or mods. While if you crave for more varieties, rebuildable atomizer (including RDA and RTA) is another concept you can do research into.

The evolution of e-cigarettes occurs faster than we think. The new segment we’ll share today is refillable disposable vapes, which emerged last year and has unexpectedly gained much popularity. Follow us to check a rundown on the basics about refillable disposables![/vc_column_text]

How Do Refillable Disposable Vapes Work?

Refillable disposable vapes might sound to you paradoxical. It’s just like how could the two features, refilling and disposability, be compatible? Mind-boggling as the new segment is, plenty of disposable vape brands are buried in throwing it into mass production.

By trenching a fill port on the cartridge, a typical refillable disposable vape could last for up to 5,000 puffs relying on users’ refills and recharges. Some kits may even include in a bottle of vape juice, saving us from the trouble of placing new orders. When the coil is dead, it’s the signal for tossing the device out.

Like all the other disposables, refillable disposables also feature a puff limitation, but only push the limit beyond somewhat. In earlier articles, we’ve recommended some amazing mega disposable vapes. They enable us to get somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 puffs, as their battery and liquid capacity are both elevated greatly. For the exact same reason, their girth and heft increase meanwhile.

That’s where the refillable disposable vape compare favorably with its counterparts. It not only gives users much more puffs, but remains compact in size. It doesn’t have to carry a huge cartridge to accommodate enough juice to make for a large number of puffs. In this case, refillable disposables are also easier to penetrate into European markets, since they do comply with EU’s 2ml restriction on liquid capacity.

Refillable Disposable Vape vs Pod System: What’s the Difference?

It stands to reason that the emergence of refillable disposables would baffle some consumers. Now that they are both rechargeable and refillable, what’s the difference between them and pod systems? Are they just the same?

It’s true that almost all basic functions of a pod system have been available in refillable disposable vapes, but the puff limitation has come to differentiate one of them from another. If we dig it up further, the limit actually stems from the fact that coils are not replaceable in refillable disposable vapes. There’s no way to vape on a device if its built-in coil has gone dead. The burnt taste would be a disaster.

In most pod systems, we’re allowed to replace coils instead. We could either attach a new coil, or simply install an entire new pod. Changing coils, for one thing, extends the service life of a vape. Even if the coil comes to the end of its life, the reusable body can continue to serve us after connected to a new coil. In addition, it also gives us opportunities to customize the vapor amount and throat hits, as we can switch between different resistance.

What’s more, pod systems would definitely allow for more functions than refillable disposables, such as wattage adjustment or airflow control. It’s hard to find such advanced setups in a disposable.

Pros and Cons of Refillable Disposable Vapes


Maintenance: Little maintenance is required to ensure the device is in good shape, such as cleaning and coil changing.

Ease of Use: Neither buttons nor screen that needs complicated operations

Abundant Flavor Choices: Refilling allows us to swamp to different flavors more easily, and control how many puffs we want from one liquid.

Stealthy Vaping: Only producing an unnoticeable plume of vapor

Enough Puffs for a Long Haul: Lasting for most puffs among devices in the same size


Small Vapor: due to low battery capacity and output power

Waste: Disposables would inevitably place a burden on the environment, even if refillable ones feature longer service life than regular ones.

Liquid Handling Hassle: Needing very careful refills to keep your device from resting in a puddle

Failures: No indicator that a battery or coil is about to go dead



MiO Solo Kit

Bullet Refillable Disposables (OEM product)

We’ve got to admit refillable disposables and pod systems share a couple of similarities, but they’re not really interchangeable. If you’re fond of the convenience and small footprints of a disposable vape, but hate too frequent wastes, refillable disposable vapes have struck a good balance right in between. In addition, they’re also geared towards for those who like to change flavors very often.

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