Struggling with Burnt Tastes from Your Vape? Check Out the Quick Fixes

Struggling with burnt tastes from your vape

The last thing we want in vaping is getting a hacking cough by a chain of hell-like burnt tastes, when we expect some heavenly vapors in the first place. Burnt taste is a sure sign of our coils glitching out. Unless we find out the exact reason and fix it up, we’ll have to vape the nastiness all the way.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sit with the anxiety any more. We’ve put through a thorough list of causes of burnt tastes and effective fixes to them. Find out how to find your good flavors back!

Causes and Fixes of a Burnt Taste

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When you look to the Internet for advices to save your vapes from tasting burnt, many people would recommend you to change coils straightaway. But DON’T RUSH.

Your vapes can get a burnt hit for an array of reasons, which may correspond to different fixes. It’s true that blindly going for a new coil can also get things right, temporarily most of the time, but there’re cases where simpler solutions exist. Let alone some devices just don’t allow for coil replacing, like disposables and closed system pods.

Here’s a quick guide to the six main causes of a burnt taste:

No regular cleaning will lead to residue build-up in your vape tank.

When your wick is not completely soaked up in vape juice with a good priming, burnt hits will follow.

Don’t run your device on a watt exceeding its coil limit.

Taking consecutive deep drags on a vape will put too much pressure on the coil and lead to burnt hits.

Sometimes thick high VG e-liquid can be the culprit for your burnt tastes.

If your coil has worn out or been destroyed, it brings bad tastes as well. Poor-quality coil can give the nasty tastes even from the first time you use it.

  • Residues in the Tank

If you’ve vaped on a single device for quite a while, there would be some residues clogging in your tanks. In this case, the burnt taste doesn’t come from a scorched coil but the build-up of residues.

How to Fix It?

Regularly clean each component of your vape tanks could help. For those vapes that cannot be torn apart, you can roll up a paper towel and push it through the mouthpiece to do some simple cleaning.

  • Poor Priming

When you’re about to use a coil for the first time, take the coil priming seriously. It ensures what the coil will heat up is the e-liquid soaked up in the cotton, instead of the dry cotton. Vaping on a not properly saturated coil is one of the most common causes of burnt tastes.

How to Fix It?

To prime coils properly, you have to feed enough vape juice to your new coil, and let it sit for a few minutes till complete saturation. Another tip is to take a few dry puffs, that is dragging on the device without actually activating it. But remember not to take consecutive hard drags in case of a flooded coil. Patience is always the key.

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  • Too High Watt

Putting out at an excessively high watt is a problem mod vape users easily run into. Average mods always allow for variable wattage, instead of setting the watt at a fixed value as many pod vapes do. When free of restrictions on power output, some vapers may ramp up their device way too much and thus burn their coils.

How to Fix It?

With no doubt, reducing the power a little bit down is helpful. What’s more, generally, vape manufacturers would remind users of a recommended wattage range in the user guide or official site. Refer to those figures when you vape at a variable wattage mode. If you can’t find any, start off from a low power setting and work your way up till you get desire vapor and flavor, or just switch to the easier temperature control mode.

  • Too Quick + Hard Drags

It’s hard to resist the temptation to make consecutive deep draws on your vapes, isn’t it? However, chain vaping, especially with hard drags, is a definite disaster for a coil. That makes your coil heated up too quickly and greatly reduces its longevity.

How to Fix It?

It’s time to learn to leave your device idle for a short time between every puff you take. An optimal interval is 15 seconds. And don’t always take too deep drags on your vape—you can get the same big vapors and gorgeous flavors by normal inhalation.

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  •  Inappropriate VG/PG Ratio

If your vape juice features high VG (containing at least 70% VG), it delivers harsher throat hit and larger clouds for sure. That’s something cloud chasers and vape trick enthusiasts pursue along the way. Nevertheless, constant vaping on high VG juice inevitably increases the risk of burnt tastes. Vegetable glycerin is a thick ingredient, which is more likely to leave residues inside the tank and clog up the juice or vapor path.

How to Fix It?

Again, cleaning your vape tank might help you to retrieve the good normal flavors back. Additionally, we also recommend you to decrease the frequency of vaping on high VG e-liquids depending on your wick channels. The smaller the channels are, the higher chances you’ll get a clogged and burnt coil. In that case, don’t use high VG juices that frequently.

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  • Old, Scorched or Lousy Coil

As are all the other products, coils have a lifespan as well. Sometimes your coil creates burnt tastes only because it’s approaching its service life. Another possibility is that it’s been scorched already due to any of the reasons above. However, if you’ve replaced a new one from the same batch of coil but run into the same issue, chances are the coil is in poor quality.

How to Fix It?

No matter what situation of the above three your coil is experiencing, it’s telling you to replace a coil. Before you use a new coil, again, see to it that you prime the coil properly. Moreover, you could also keep your tank always filled with liquid to prevent burnt hits. Decent care of your coil would extend its expected lifespan.

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