7 Tips to Find the Best Vape Wholesale Supplier

vape wholesale

Due to China’s latest e-cigarette regulation, Alibaba International Station has yanked vaping products from its site since May 1 2022, including box mods, heat-not-burn devices, vape pens and e-liquids. As a result, many China-based vape manufacturers have got to find good vape wholesale suppliers overseas.

Actually, “reliable vape wholesale supplier” is always a top search in the circle of vape store owners, no matter which country you’re in—and no matter you run business online or offline. When you find a good whosaling partner to work with, you’ve just about got the key to success.

This guide will walk you through everything you should factor in to find the best vape wholesale supplier online. Whether you’re new or established, this is the right guide for you.

How far you are from a vape wholesaler is the first thing you should factor in. Finding a vape wholesale supplier closer to you is always the right track to go. That means quicker delivery, lower shipping costs, and even better customer support since you share the same business hour and language.

Partnering with a reliable local vape wholesaler is of course the best solution. While even though you can find none in your area, no worries—there’re sea of wholesalers shipping internationally out there for you to choose from (such as VaporDNA and Vape Wholesale Global).

vape wholesale

Choices of Brands and Products

No matter you’ll open a physical vape store or start it online, your business is product-oriented for good. In this case, just fix your eyes on vape wholesale suppliers who offer wider choices of products from more trustworthy brands. Here are a couple of indictors of a best-suited vape wholesaler:

  • Having cooperation with plenty of e-cigarette brands, especially the big names such as Voopoo, GeekVape, SMOK, and Vaporesso. After all, most consumers are brand conscious;
  • Providing a wide variety of vaping products from tiny disposable vapes to fully-featured mod vapes. It’s important even though you sell merely one type of product, say vape juice—go for wholesalers offering e-juices in various nicotine level, flavor profile and size;
  • Offering latest products fast enough. If a vape wholesale supplier stocks up too many out-of-date products, maybe stay away;
  • Stocking products that you would like to sell. A key to your business success is looking for a supplier aligned with your sales preference.

Product Authenticity

When buying vape products directly from the brand’s official store, you can be 100% sure that what you get are genuine and authentic. While if you buy vape hardware from wholesale markets, authenticity needs verification. Hence, remember to check whether a vape wholesaler offers brand authorization letter or not to avoid counterfeits.

Shipping & Delivery

Favorable shipping and delivery plays a big role in growing your vape business. On general, the faster your goods are shipped to you, shorter turnaround time you’ll need to wait out. That not only effectively reduces your inventory and makes for better capital turnover, but also ensures quicker response when any trending products run low and need restocking. Without any doubts, the most ideal ship date is always the order date.

vape wholesale


Looking for a vape wholesaler who offers competitive prices is a key step in cost control, which means a lot in boosting your profits. When considering if a wholesaler’s quote is truly competitive or not, you should take into account the following aspects:

  • Shipping Costs: And again, a vape wholesale supplier closer to you unarguably costs you less in shipping;
  • Minimum Order Quantity: Lower MOQ means less inventory on hand and less costs per order;
  • Voucher: Try to get them if you can to get some relaxation in the prices.

Most of cheap products are meanwhile of low quality, so check for the best quality with an affordable price range. Recognized brand products are somewhat expensive, and if you can afford those then it is the best. Otherwise, look them up in the wholesale market where the prices are low compared to the original prices. Sometimes brands sell multiple products in a package for a low price. Also, you can get good deals around festivals such as Black Friday, New Year’s Day and Easters.

Product Warranty and Returns

Don’t ignore the product warranty terms when you’re matching your business with an ideal vape wholesale supplier. Time limits on goods returning always vary greatly between wholesalers. Some ask for product returns within short time notice, whereas others might just refuse returns. And it’s self-evident that longer return window is better on your side.

An even better situation is the cost of shipping back of products is on the wholesaler. Mostly the customers have to pay though.

Regulation Compliance

Be cautious of local regulations on vapes when you’re starting out e-cigarette business in your country. Take the US as an example, sales of many of the vaping companies’ products has yet to be approved by the FDA. And the United States Postal Services (USPS) has introduced a ban on the shipping of all vaping products in the country.

Also in the EU, any vaping products must be compliant with the TPD, which implements certain rules and regulations on the usage of e-cigarettes such as restricting the tank capacity to no more than 2ml. Otherwise sales is not allowed. China has also implemented a ban on flavored e-cigarettes. So only purchase from wholesalers that supply products complying with your local regulation.

Final Thoughts

Vaping industry is on the rise; for all vape business owners, as long as you know how to assess different scenarios and make strategic plans, you seize a valuable business opportunity. If you’re just about to open a vape store, this guide can gear you up for many of the upcoming challenges.

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