Leading Vape Brand MOTI Won the Vapouround 2023 Annual Award


On May 17, 2023, as the leading brand in the electronic cigarette industry, MOTI recently made a splash at the Vapouround Annual Awards Ceremony held in Birmingham last Friday, its stunning model, the MOTI K Pro, won the Best Closed Pod Winner Award in the vape industry. MOTI is no stranger to winning global awards, and this MOTI K Pro was awarded the Global Spark Design Award in 2021.


The Vapouround Award is one of the most prestigious and authoritative annual awards in the global e-cigarette industry. All award-winning brands are selected by a professional jury. To ensure fairness, each e-liquid or hardware entry will undergo a blind test and undergo a rigorous review process. Bringing together the best in the global vape industry, the Global Awards celebrate incredible brands, products, and innovators who truly deserve praise for their achievements over the past year.


MOTI·K PRO has won the Vapouround 2023 Best Closed Pod Winner Award. MOTI·K Pro products have opened up a new era of vaping and are a cutting-edge vape in prefilled pod system history. MOTI·K PRO makes e-cigarettes smarter. You can switch between DTL and MTL simply by flipping the pod. The MOTI·K PRO uses an RC4 chip, which can identify and record pod information, and display the vape mode, battery, and e-juice level on the LED screen.

MOTI Won the Vapouround 2023 Annual Award

MOTI is dedicated to developing multiple quit-smoking solutions for customers by satisfying their different needs and helping customers vape in technology and style. Focusing on products, focusing on technology, striving for scientific, practical, and artistic aesthetics and technology, achieving balance and unity in products, and bringing users a better life experience is the original intention behind MOTI Technology.

MOTI Won the Vapouround 2023 Annual Award

As the leading brand in the industry to participate in international market competition, MOTI has been exploring and practicing export for more than 10 years. At present, its business has covered 57 countries and regions around the world, and it has 100,000+ global outlets; in developed countries in Europe and the United States Maintaining the leading position and establishing an independent e-commerce platform for industry leaders in North America.


About MOTI

MOTI is an e-cigarette brand founded in 2018 and the team was established in 2013 with a vision to help people quit smoking. The MOTI team has been active in this industry for years and has developed many innovative vape products. MOTI is consistently recognized by the industry and the media for its comprehensive indicators such as product innovation, brand influence, and market share, and is recognized by authoritative research institutions. In the future, MOTI will continue to maintain a new perspective on the electronic cigarette industry, starting from the core needs of users, pursuing the ultimate, continuing to innovate, and striving to form a vape brand with a technical aesthetic and its characteristics.

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