What Are the Most Unique Disposable Vapes on the Market?

Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes have ruled the vaping industry for a few years now, and it’s a segment of the market that has become increasingly crowded as more and more companies have tried to get in on the action. As more brands have struggled to compete for shelf space, differentiation has become crucial. The days of being able to make a brand stand out by giving it some unusual flavor options are long gone; just about every vape juice flavor that you can think of is now available in the disposable format.

Since it’s no longer possible to make a disposable vape stand out with flavor options alone, manufacturers are using other methods to get attention. As a result, 2024 has seen the release of some of the most unusual and unique disposables ever to hit the market. Some of these features are so useful that, in hindsight, it’s hard to understand why they took so long to appear. Others are probably novelties that will ultimately end up fading away almost as quickly as they appeared.

So, what are the most unique disposable vapes on the market today? Here are our picks.

IVG 2400: The Four-Chambered Disposable Vape

The IVG 2400 was found on this list of the best disposable vapes in the United Kingdom, and it’s a device that just about anyone outside the UK or Europe would find completely bizarre. If you live in the United States, you’re very aware of the puff count arms race that has gone on between manufacturers over the past few years. The earliest “puff bar”-type disposables only lasted about 400 puffs each, but capacities ramped up quickly from there. These days, the longest-lasting disposable vapes tend to have advertised capacities of around 15,000 puffs, and the race probably isn’t ending any time soon.

In the UK and Europe, though, things are a bit different because the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) – which regulates all vaping products in those regions – states that any pre-filled vaping product can have a maximum e-liquid capacity of just 2 ml. Thus, all legal disposable vapes in the UK and EU deliver no more than about 600 puffs. At least, that was the case until the release of the IVG 2400.

The IVG 2400 is like a crazy hybrid combining the features of a disposable vape and a pod system. It comes with four pods, each packaged separately from the device and containing 2 ml of e-liquid so as not to violate the TPD. Before using the device, you have to install the pods yourself. The IVG 2400 utilizes one pod at a time, and you switch between pods by rotating the top half of the device. To ensure that people won’t refill their own pods and simply use the device as a cheap refillable pod system, the IVG 2400 has a non-rechargeable battery.

Since the IVG 2400 is larger than many pod systems while essentially functioning as a pod system without a rechargeable battery, it remains to be seen whether this device will end up becoming a long-term success. It’ll definitely succeed in the short term, though, as a unique disposable vape that many people will want to try at least once.

Disposable VapeElement Klik Klak: The Disposable Vape that Lets you Mix Flavors

In the early days of the vaping industry, the tiny cigarette-shaped devices that dominated the market weren’t exactly known for their jaw-dropping vapor production. People with higher nicotine requirements sometimes didn’t find the devices’ sufficiently satisfying, so a few companies created silicone mouthpieces that allowed people to inhale from two or even three e-cigarettes simultaneously. Although they didn’t look particularly attractive, these setups effectively doubled or tripled the vapor production of e-cigarettes and also created the possibility of mixing flavors.

That’s essentially the idea behind the Element Klik Klak, a magnetic disposable vape that allows the user to link two devices together and inhale from both simultaneously. The primarily selling point is that users can connect devices with different flavors together and enjoy any of 55 possible flavor combinations. An additional benefit, though, is that connecting two devices together doubles the vapor production. The Klik Klak is marketed in the UK and EU, where the maximum legal nicotine strength for vaping products is 20 mg/ml. For those with higher nicotine requirements, the extra vapor production can be hugely beneficial.

Geek Bar Pulse: The Disposable Vape that Pretends It’s a Vape Mod

Feature creep is a real thing in the vaping industry and always has been. When pod systems were first introduced in the mid-2010s, they were supposed to be small, simple devices that people could pick up and use immediately without worrying about configuration options and other details. Today, though, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find pod vapes fitting that original paradigm. Most modern pod systems have features like adjustable wattage, airflow controls and replaceable coils. Some even have removable batteries. They’ve basically become vape mods with pods instead of tanks.

Disposable Vape

In the disposable segment, the same thing seems to be happening with devices like the Geek Bar Pulse. Shaped like a miniature mod, the Geek Bar Pulse has a smart display that shows the device’s remaining battery charge and e-liquid level – but it doesn’t stop there. The Pulse also has two selectable vaping modes: the standard mode which delivers up to 15,000 puffs in total and the new Pulse mode which doubles the vapor production while cutting the number of puffs in half.

It’s hard to say whether the new Pulse mode will be a hit with the vaping community. In regions such as the United States, disposable vapes already have e-liquid with an incredibly high nicotine strength of 50 mg/ml. With that amount of nicotine, it’s hard to imagine anyone needing a device that produces huge clouds. As soon as the Geek Bar Pulse was released, though, other disposable vapes with smart displays began to appear. In fact, it has already become difficult to find a new disposable that doesn’t have a display, so it’s probably safe to assume that LCD-equipped disposable vapes are here to stay.


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