Your Vape is Spitting Juice Out? Check These Remedies for Spitback

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We know how badly spitback could turn a vaper off. Having constant droplets of hot juice popping in our mouths is always the last thing we want to happen. Let alone when the device is pointed at our face, spitting might just bring a quite mild burn. That wouldn’t cause real damage though.

There’s no reason to let spitback ruin our vaping anyway. Fortunately, we have a bunch of ways to fix the unpleasant glitch. Follow the tips as below and try to reduce your spit-back to a minimum!

What is Spit-Back?

To break it down, your vape spits liquid at you merely because it has wicked more liquid than the amount that your coil could atomize.

Or in other words, your cotton wick just doesn’t have the ability to soak up all the juice, thus leaving some of them pooling on the coil. We also refer to such a situation as “flooded coil.” When the “floods” directly contact a heated-up coil, they end up boiling and bubbling instead of being vaporized. As a result, hot droplets would start to shoot up through the chimney into the mouth.

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Why does Spitting Happen?

Besides popping liquid upwards, spitting sometimes comes with continuous gurgling sounds. It just leaves us with wispy vaping.

It may occur for a variety of reasons. While you should be particularly cautious about the following three causes, as they’re among the most common in vapers who’re suffering from spit-back:

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When you feed in excessive amount of liquid to prime a coil, the wick would definitely become over-saturated. Some might also take a drag without pressing the fire key to make sure their coils are properly primed. However, never overdo this. Your coil will get flooded otherwise.

Low Wattage

When you put your device out at a low power level for long, the coil can’t get enough power to vaporize the liquid wicked in. That leads to oversaturation as well and leaves a puddle around your coil.

Too Hard Draw

Drawing too hard is another reason why a wick would soak up more liquid than it should. That’s much likely to flood your coil with liquid and lead to spit-back.

Solutions to Stop the Spit-Back

  • Clean the mouthpiece regularly: If your vape has spitted for a long time, you can roll up some tissues and stick that in the mouthpiece to do some cleaning at first.
  • Power up your device a little: We also recommend you increase the watt and vape as usual to fix the spit-back. In the process you may find the spitting seems to get worse, but that’s normal. After a while, the issue will go away. (Notes: If the droplet pops out too hot, you can cover a paper towel on the mouthpiece so that you could breathe in vapor only.)

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  • Take a light draw: Don’t pull so hard on your vape all the time. Easy, you can enjoy equally pleasant vapor with a light draw.
  • Prime coils appropriately: To prime a new coil, neither fill too much liquid nor take a too big draw without pressing the fire button. Find a good balance in between. After all, inadequate priming is also a disaster.
  • Thicken the liquid: Reducing the fluidity of your liquid could also lessen the possibility of a flooded coil and avoid spitting. As VG is considerably thicker than PG, higher VG would prevent your vape from spitting as much. You can either buy high VG liquid or add some by yourself. But be cautious that too high VG might give you a muted flavor, because it’s PG that carries flavorings and creates throat hit.
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