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SMOK Nord 4 Pod Vape Kit Review: Dazzles with Mind-Blowing Design

  • Ergonomic and stylish
  • Creatively designed airflow control dial
  • Might 2000mAh battery that lasts long
  • All set-ups are user-friendly
  • Wonderful MTL&RDL draws
  • Screen is small and no color
  • RPM2 Pod leaks a bit
Function - 8
Quality and Design - 10
Ease of Use - 9
Performance - 8.5
Price - 9

The SMOK brand has released several pod systems under the SMOK Nord umbrella, and this is the one numbered 4 (although it appears they missed out SMOK Nord three!) As a well-recognized brand, SMOK is a reputable operator in the industry, so we had high expectations when testing this hot-selling Nord 4 vape.

With its stylish good looks and impressive capability to fire up to 80W, the SMOK Nord 4 vape has a lot of potential, but does it live up to expectations? This review will take you through all our first-hand thoughts on this pod device after days of testing. Read further down the page and find out!

Size: 33.7* 24.4* 104.9mm

Weight: 115g

Output Wattage: 5W-80W

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

Standby Current: < 50uA

Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V

Output Voltage: 0.5V-4.0V

Resistance Range: 0.15Ω-2.50Ω

Charging Voltage: 5V±0.2V

Charging Current: 1.1A (Max)

Overcharge Voltage: 4.3V±0.05V

Overdischarge Voltage: 2.4V±0.05V

Overcharge Current: 2A±0.6A

1 x nord 4 Device (2000mAh)

1 x nord 4 RPM 2 Pod (RPM 2 Mesh 0.16Ω Coil Preinstalled) (4.5ml)

1 x nord 4 RPM Pod (RPM Mesh 0.4Ω Coil Preinstalled) (4.5ml)

1 x Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual

SMOK Nord 4 vape
Smoktech Nord 4 In Package 750x930 1

Design & Quality

SMOK Nord 4 vape

When you’re choosing a new pod system, you’ll want to be certain you’ve chosen a device that is high quality and well-designed. Does the SMOK Nord 4 vape tick your boxes? Let’s take a closer look.


The SMOK Nord 4 is fairly chunky and large when compared to the earlier Nord models, measuring 105 mm in height, almost 34 mm in width, and 24.4 mm in thickness. It weighs 115 grams, which is a little heavier than the earlier models too, although it’s fairly in line with most other types of pod vapes in terms of size and weight. Despite the fact it isn’t the most compact or lightweight model on the market, it’s still very portable. It can fit easily into a pocket, and is ideal for use on the go.

Its design is ergonomic and stylish. It features rounded edges, a flat plastic back and front panel, build-in LEDs and a rectangular fire button. As an added advantage, though, this device features two control dials for airflow, one on each of the device’s sides. There’s a learning curve involved in adjusting these, but over time, they loosen a little.

SMOK Nord 4 vape

The inbuilt OLED screen is brighter than that of the Nord 2, but it is still black and white, and not color. That looks to us an outdated feature. It displays the coil resistance, wattage, puff count, battery life, and voltage, and there are also two adjustment buttons just below to change the wattage.

On the reverse side, there’s an unusual fake screen made from black plastic to create a symmetrical aesthetic. While some people may appreciate this style touch, it can be quite irritating if you end up looking at the wrong screen by accident!

RPM and RPM2 Pods

SMOK Nord 4 vape

There are two pods supplied with this device – an RPM and an RPM 2 pod – and there is a coil supplied for each one. The pods can be used with any coil in the respective lines, so you have plenty of choices. The pods hold up to 4.5 ml of e-juice and thanks to the light tint of the pod, it’s easy to see how much you have left. The magnetic attachment system makes it easy to insert the pod and it remains firmly in position.

The two coils supplied are a 0.16 ohm RPM2 coil which is rated at 25 – 50W and which is suitable for DTL vaping. The other is a 0.40 ohm RPM coil which is a 25W rated coil without any wattage range. This is an MTL coil. Both coils push easily into the pod, being secured with a latch, and refilling the pods is a breeze thanks to the rubber stopper which is removed from the pod’s side.

Battery & Charging

The 2000mAh battery is quite large when bearing in mind that the SMOK Nord 4 is a pod vaping device. If you choose the RPM coil and vape at 25W, the battery lasts for between 2 and 3 days before requiring a recharge. On the other hand, though, if you use the RPM2 coil, you’ll need a higher wattage and so you’ll have to recharge earlier, usually within a day. The battery recharged from empty to full in around an hour, which isn’t bad at all.


Although the display is simple, that means this device is wonderfully user-friendly. The controls are easy to get to grips with and even a novice will find this device a breeze to use. On the downside, though, the screen is pretty small, so you could struggle to read the text if your vision isn’t up to scratch.


SMOK Nord 4 pods

The RPM 0.4ohm mesh coil pre-installed in the RPM Pod, which is recommended for vaping at 25 Watts performs very well, with no need for a higher wattage. Both vapor production and flavor are very good, with the vapor produced being warm and not hot. If you close both the airflow dials, you can enjoy a very loose mouth-to-lung draw, which isn’t really powerful enough for a hardcore MTL vapers.

With the RPM2 coil, using it at a wattage at the higher end (50-55W) produces excellent performance with warm vapor and good flavor output. There was no leakage from the RPM Pod, although the RPM2 Pod leaked a little. Apart from that, then performance was good, with instant activation of the firing button.

Ease of Use

This device is very easy to use thanks to the user-friendly controls. Whichever pod you choose, it’s easy to fit into the device and to refill and charge as necessary. The controls are also so simple to get to grips with that even a complete beginner can use this device without any difficulties at all. That makes this a convenient choice for all kinds of vapers.


SMOK Nord 4 vape
  • SMOK Nord 4 Price: $40.99 (SMOK Official)

  • SMOK Nord 4 Discount Price: $29.99 (Vapesourcing)

The SMOK Nord 4 is a reasonably priced device that comes in well within the affordable range, bringing it within easy reach of new vapers looking to try vaping for the first time. Right in the middle of the SMOK range in terms of price, this device is a good performer for its price point, and it won’t disappoint vapers on a budget who want to enjoy a simple but satisfying experience.

If you’re trying to give it a go, don’t miss out on our hand-picked coupon for the SMOK Nord 4 to save some money!


Thanks to the stylish appeal of this device paired with its decent performance for a device at its price point, the SMOK Nord 4 vape is a good choice, especially for beginner vapers who want a good blend of quality and affordability. Easy to use, and with the capacity to produce good flavor and vapor, this device won’t disappoint, and thanks to its good looks, it’s visually attractive too!

Feel free to leave your comments below to share your thoughts about the SMOK Nord 4 pod system!

Author: Sharon

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