Guest Posting Goes Live at My Vape Review—Write for Us Right Away!

My Vape Review guest posting

What is a Guest Post?

Guest posting is when someone writes and publishes articles on someone else’s website or blog. Now, guest posting at My Vape Review has gone live.

We’re looking for guest authors, and welcome anyone deeply involved in the vaping industry, from vape hardware, e-juice or CBD brands, manufacturers, wholesale suppliers right through to avid vaping bloggers, to impress us with high-quality content. Write for us!

My Vape Review guest posting

Why Writing for My Vape Review?

1. Increase Your Brand Exposure

Having an established following with the vape industry, My Vape Review can help spread your brand messaging to new potential customers. It’s a surefire way to increase your exposure.

2. Generate Traffic from Your Target Audience

Most of our subscribers are vapers, smokers who’re looking to switch to vapes, as well as vape business owners. By putting your brand in front of thousands of people likely to fall into your target audience, you’ll get rocketing organic traffic.

3. Get Backlinks for SEO

This is an ideal way to build some quality backlinks and in turn boost your site’s SEO performance. (Talk with us about more details.)

Guidelines to Follow When Writing for Us

  • Types of Articles We Want

Currently we accept vape reviews, new product previews and news (including latest news and press release).

Here’re some good examples of these types of articles:

       Every Elf Bar BC3000 Flavor Reviewed! – Tried and Tested

       Voopoo Drag Q Pod Vape Review: It Makes a Good Case

       Geekvape Aegis Boost 2 Pod Mod Review – How It Compares to Aegis Boost Pro & Plus?

       All-New Geekvape B60 (Aegis Boost 2) Pod Mod Kit Quick Look | Price | Key Features

       MOTI New Product Stuns at the Vaper Expo 2022 in Birmingham, UK

  • Recommended Length

600-2000 words

  • Formatting

We hope your posts fit the tone of our website: clear takeaway and plain English; use headings, subheadings and lists/bullet points to make for logical, structured writing.

  • Content Quality

Make sure your article has no spelling or grammatical errors; and we have preference for high-quality contents with unique angles and interesting insights.

  • Internal Links

We’d love to see posts with links to My Vape Review’s published articles wherever appropriate.

  • Short Paragraphs

Keep your paragraphs short, each of which should contain no more than 300 words.

  • Originality

We publish ONLY ORIGINAL ARTICLES; articles that have been published elsewhere, including your sites, won’t be accepted. (We check the originality of every guest article; if an article is plagiarized, we won’t reply to any inquiries made about its progress.)

*This guideline doesn’t apply to press releases.

  • Images & Videos

We also prefer posts containing images or videos. If you want to add them in, please provide high-quality ones instead of low-quality screenshots, off-track phone photos, or blurry, low-resolution videos. If you can avoid using stock images and offer original ones, so much better. If they’re not original, please cite the source. Plus, don’t provide images or videos you have no permission to use.

  • Article Editing

We reserve the right to edit the article you submit, while it’s mainly for correcting errors or improving readability.

  • Age Limit

To comply with the e-cigarette laws in various countries, our guest authors shall reach the legal age for vaping set out by the country in which they live.

How to Submit?

Please sign up at My Vape Review first, and submit your article on this page:

After finish uploading all your contents, choose a [Category] aligned with the type of your article.


You article might fall into any of these four categories: Vape Review, New products, Vape News, Press Release.

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