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best vape wholesale uk

Vape is fast becoming popular in the UK, and the numbers back this up. In 2021, Public Health England (PHE) estimated 2.7 million people were using e-cigarettes. Vape wholesale supplier is a top search in the UK and if you’re a retailer, finding an excellent wholesaling partner to work with is the key to success.

This article will walk you through the best four vape wholesale stores in the UK and the factors you should consider when determining the best vape wholesale shops. Let’s begin. (Check our best US wholesaler listicle if these are not the one for you.)

Below, we’ve reviewed the best vape wholesale stores in the UK, focusing on their product range and unique features.

#1 JM Wholesale

JM wholesale logo

JM Wholesale is one of the best in the UK and provides vast selection of products, from box vape mods to disposable vapes to e-liquids. In addition, this wholesale supplier provides wholesale CBD products from top brands around the world. You can choose over 1000 flavours from big names like SPLYFT, Realest CBD, Orange County, etc.

Therefore, no matter you retail store focuses on new beginners or experienced vapers, JM Wholesale is the best wholesale supplier to go for. Plus, limited-time offers always go on at this site. Grab these chances to save costs for your vape business.


  • Long-standing & trusted vape wholesaler
  • Ideal for various types of vape retailers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Same-day delivery is available (if orders are paid before 3pm)
  • No minimum order


  • Doesn’t ship during the weekends
  • Can’t guarantee same-day delivery on Mondays

#2 Vapor Shop Direct Distribution

Vapour Shop Direct logo 019cbe2e f280 4ef7 a9a0 06e3e9703cfc scaled

Another vape wholesale UK supplier on our top four list is Vapor Shop Direct Distribution. This vape wholesaler sells the best vape mods, pods, and all the accessories you want. The exciting part is that they’re all available at alluring wholesale prices, and there’s no minimum order as long as you don’t buy for personal use alone. 

This wholesaler also stocks up e-liquids and disposable devices that fit every customer’s needs and budget. Vapor Shop Direct Distribution can get you covered in whatever nicotine strengths and flavors you want: menthol and tobacco, or 20mg and 50mg… you name it. With the varieties available, there are tons of options to extend your product range.


  • Free delivery for orders above £250
  • Variety of e-liquid and disposable vape flavours
  • Excellent customer support
  • Weekend delivery available


  • No same-day delivery

#3 Vaping Wholesale

logo 1

Suppose you’re looking for a vape wholesale UK supplier that mainly distributes e-liquids and disposable vapes, then go for Vaping Wholesale. In the meantime, they also sell some vaping supplies like pod systems and coils.

Vaping Wholesale stock up on products from those e-cigarette brands popular for quality products at a reasonable price. If you want your vape business to start from easiest, budge-friendliest disposables, like Elf bar, Geek bar and Elux Legend, here is an ideal place. They also have an excellent refund policy, allowing you to return products within 48 hours.


  • Reliable customer service
  • Sufficient supplies of all trending disposable vapes
  • Clean and easy-to-use website


  • Limited partners

#4 My E-Liquid Supplies

My E-Liquid Supplies logo

My E-Liquid Supplies is a vape wholesale UK supplier that provides top-quality vape juices at affordable prices. You can trust their product line because they work with some of the best brands in the industry and only sells pure e-liquids.

They also offer varying flavours that are free of additives. There are no minimum orders for buyers, and you can enjoy free delivery if your order exceeds £40. 


  • Speedy delivery
  • Pure e-juices ingredients
  • Free delivery on orders above £40
  • Excellent customer support


  • Does not offer returns on their e-liquid products

Which is the Best Geek Bar Vape Wholesale Supplier?

geek bar vape wholesale

JM Wholesale is one of the best Geek Bar vape wholesale suppliers in the UK. This supplier offers the first-generation Geek Bars in nicotine level from 0mg to 20mg. Regarding authenticity and affordability, JM Wholesale doesn’t disappoint.

Vaping Wholesale also hits the spot if you want to invest in multiple Geek Bar models aside from the original one, like Geek Bar C500 and S600 wholesale. You can find amazing wholesale Elf Bars there as well which is easy on the pocket.

How We Choose the Best Vape Wholesalers?

Some of the factors we considered when choosing the four best wholesale stores in the UK include the following:

Shipping & Delivery

We checked their shipping and delivery policy. It is an important consideration when choosing a vape wholesale UK supplier. The faster they ship your goods, the shorter time you have to wait. As a retailer, this is important because it means you will get a quick response, especially when a hot product is running low, and you need to restock.

Competitive Prices

We looked at the competitive nature of the prices offered by these vape wholesale stores. We also factored in shipping costs and the discount the supplier provides when you buy a higher number of products.

Minimum Order Requirement

We examined the minimum order requirement set by the wholesaler. Always check this information out as it informs you of the number of products a vape wholesale UK store allows you to buy in a single order. 

Return Policy

Finally, we considered their return policy. The time limits set on returning goods differ between wholesalers. While some do not accept returns, others offer a very short return window. We also checked if the wholesale offers to pay the shipping cost of returns.

Do You Need a License to Sell Vapes in the UK?

No. You don’t need a license nor need to submit the details of the product you’re selling, except you’re a producer. Only producers have to submit information about their products before they’re allowed to sell. However, you should only purchase products from producers whose products meet the requirements set by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).


To decide the best vape wholesale UK store, you must look beyond the vaping products. Make sure you understand what you’re looking for; it will allow you to choose the best vape wholesaler for you. These four best vape wholesale stores in the UK offer many features you can take advantage of today.

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