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uwell caliburn A2 pod vape

UWELL Caliburn A2 & AK2 Pod Kit Review—Beginner Friendly

Introduction Recently, UWELL has further expanded its pod kit ecosystem with two new products—Caliburn A2 Pod Kit and Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit. The two pods look qu...

8.4 Great

SMOK Scar-Mini 80W Kit Review:A Ruggedly Stylish Device With High Performance

Smok has earned a big name and covers almost every area of vaping industry, from vape tanks, pod kits to advanced mods. Their coils are also welcomed by worldwi...

8.4 Great

Geekvape Aegis Hero Pod Mod Review: Innovative Sub-Ohm Kit

Powered by a 1200mAh battery, the Hero comes with an adjustable output range between 5 - 45W. Equipped with AS Chipset and paired with a 4.0mL refillable pod, i...

8.3 Great

Innokin Sceptre MTL Edition Review

Today I’m going to review the updated version Innokin Sceptre MTL, which has designed for MTL or RDL vaping to bring the best out of vape juice flavours. It run...

8.3 Great

Lost Vape Thelema DNA250c Box Mod Review

Thelema DNA250C is the latest box mod from Lost Vape. Equided with the highly advanced DNA250C Chipset, Thelema DNA250C features an adjustable power wattage bet...

8.3 Great

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9 Amazing

Smok Rigel Mini 80W Starter Kit Review: An Ideal Sub-ohm Device?

The RIGEL Mini is paired with the SMOK TFV9 Mini Tank to deliver excellent clouds of flavoured vapou...

8.1 Great

Dotmod Dotbox 220W Mod Review: An Appealing High-Power Device

  Introduction Over the past few years, the leading vape brand Dotmod has released a bevy of fa...

8.4 Great

Innokin EQ FLTR 9.5W Pod Kit Review

Recently, Innokin launched a new pod kit, the EQ FLTR, which continues its supreme integrity. It is ...

9 Amazing

VOOPOO DRAG X Plus Review: A Stunningly Designed & Powerful Pod Mod

VOOPOO is best known for the Drag family thanks to their comprehensive performances and modern desig...

voopoo drag s pro kit 7.9 Good

Voopoo Drag S Pro Kit Review: Breaking with Tradition

Introduction It’s glad to know that Voopoo has once again expanded the ranks of its signature ...

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Recent vaping news around the world.

Vaping vs. Smoking: Is Vaping Bad for You?

Fewer people now smoke cigarettes, but this is only because alternative forms of nicotine and tobacc...

Expert’s Guide: Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

It is no longer news that CBD oil is nature’s gift and remedy for healing common ailments in their n...

Potential Side Effects of Vaping

E-cigarettes were originally invented as a substitute for cigarettes to reduce the harm caused by pe...

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What is Vape?

Vape, also known as an electronic cigarette, refers to devices that atomize e-liquid to create vapor for users to inhale. The liquid tends to be stored in a cartridge or tank, inside which a coil is also housed to heat up the liquid specially. Though vapes and traditional cigarettes are both products designed for delivering nicotine, the former has been proved to be much less harmful, because it doesn’t involve the combustion of tobacco as the latter.

Different Types of Vapes

Vaping products available in today’s market mainly fall into three types, that is mod, pod and pod mod. With their specifications and features vary from one to another, they’re actually intended for different target groups. You can check the information below to see which type is your best match.


They’re loved by many experienced vapers because of the high power output that makes for direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping and a mass of clouds. Mods mainly adopt pure freebase nicotine juice, sub-ohm coil, and thus provides a harsh throat hit and more intense flavor.

Starter Kit

There are various kinds of vapes can be called vape starter kits. From pod mod to pod system to vape pen, vape starter kit is for vape beginners to start. Therefore, vape starter kits keep things simple and convenient. The performance of starter kits also varies from the types.

  • Pods: Compared to mods, pods feature a smaller size and a lower power output that fits mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. It also has a name called Pod System. Generally, their power output is not adjustable. Pods are usually paired with salt-based nicotine juice, as this combination is perfect for more smooth and mellow vaping.
  • Pod Mods: Just as the name implies, this type mixes the features of pods and mods together. Pod mods are characterized by adjustable power output, despite the output range is not as wide as mods. They also allow users to make other customized changes, such as replacing coils or liquids and tuning the airflow. In this context, pod mod users are provided with more choices to change vaping styles compared to pods.
  • Disposable Pods: They’re regarded as a simpler version of regular pods. Disposable pods are not refillable. When users run out of the liquid in the pod cartridge, they can toss it out and change a new pre-filled one. Disposable vapes focus on convenience and portability, always keeping operations to a minimum. Although most vaping veterans would opt for vape products that support wider range of functions and personalized parameters, disposable pods are widely accepted as an ideal product for beginners’ transitions to vaping.
  • Vape Pens: When vape initially appeared in public’s sight, it can be indicated to vape itself. With the development and involvment of vape and vape market, vape pens now usually refers to pen-style vape. It comes with a pen-style device and a glass cartridge. However, many regions still call vapes like pod system (closed/open), pen-style vapes, and disposable vapes as vape pens. When they say vape pen, they mean vape starter kits.

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MyVapeReview is your exceptional e-cigarette review platform, aiming to serve as your best guide to explore the vaping world. Comprised of a group of seasoned professionals from the vaping industry, our review team is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive review based on thorough testing and unbiased stances. In our reviews, you can find out all possible pros and cons of a product, and locate what is the best for you.

Our reviews are never limited to best-sellers from big vaping companies, such as Geekvape, Voopoo and SMOK. We’ve also invested a great deal of energy to test appealing products from smaller but promising brands. The products we review show a wide range from mod and pod mod kits, which are popular among more experienced vapers, such as VOOPOO Drag series and Geekvape Aegis series, right through to simpler beginner-friendly pod devices, such as Uwell Caliburn pods. Moreover, our reviews have extended beyond vape hardware to vape-related products, such as the e-liquid. In a nutshell, when it comes to vaping, MyVapeReview will always get you covered.

MyVapeReview also delivers you helpful vaping guide. Whether you are a vape beginner looking to know more about vapes such as the benefits or potential side effects of vaping, or a vaper trying to get some recent vaping news or popular vapes.

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